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September 2015

Aries Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading


The full moon was last night and I hope many of you got to see it….I did not!  This blood moon was the final of the rare tetrad.  It is also our Harvest Moon as well as a super moon, there is a lot of charge in the air.  Remember to take deeps breaths and remember to ground.  This eclipse is taking place close to an equinox, which means we may be having some radical changes in your life, for many this is about releasing the old.  With this Aries energy, newness is in the air.  For me, I am feeling many awaken, or begin to transform/transmute things.  This reading is supported by this energy as well.  I am seeing more balance as the Goddess energy is being called forward.  She is being pulled up and made prominent.  What we must understand is that the hard times we had, was simply us climbing our way out of our comfort trench.  We must remember that we have freewill, we choose our paths.  One decisions leads us here, which leads us here and so on.  We must take responsibility for that and not fall into the victim role.  Here I feel as well the need to balance our emotions. Those relationships that are unbalanced will be shown in full light.  Full moons bring light/clarity on to things, many could be shown their shadow as these energies surge on.  Self is in the forefront, so keep yourself in line. Remember, Mercury is still in retrograde, disturbances with all forms of communications, and Pluto is direct, helping us with transitions.  On with the reading:   Now we have the Magician/Transmutation.  And how appropriate.  The planet represented here is Mercury, the stone Opal and the rune Peoh (property, possessions).  The Magician makes his own path.  Power and creativity are his gifts, as he can transform situations for the best for all concern.  His is the master of himself, very skilled at his craft.  He wields change, wisdom and creation.  Our challenge is the Son of Stones/Adocate.  He is practical and patient and through hard work, he gets results.  This is some one who is an advocate, a voice, for the people.  In our challenge position, I feel this is more about us being a voice for our self.  Our challenge is to truly speak up for our self, make sure that our boundaries are not being crossed and our relationships are balanced.  Our advice is Alchemy/Restraint.  The astrological sign for this card is Sagittarius, stone is gold topaz and rune is Laguz (water, flow, womb of the Great Mother). This card comes after the death card. Here we are putting two different things together in order to create something.  It is important here to be balanced.  This would be the “temperance” card in regular tarot.  So a balanced path between two different things.  Another aspect is looking within, a reflection to make sure we are living balanced life as well.  Balanced action here.  Our outcome is the Chariot/Willpower.  Astrological sign is Cancer, stone is pearl and rune is Hagall (ice).  Sure and steady is what come to my mind when I see this card.  In order to get to where you want to be will require your steady pace.  You may be doing very well right now, so be steady here, dont let it get to your head.  The 5th card at the top is what flew out of the deck and it is the Sun/Life.  So this is saying that the energy is a good energy here, fertile.  Clarity and seeing things in new perspectives.  Relax and dance, don’t stress out.  Even though things are tough, try not to stress and just watch the situation bloom….one petal at a time.  Make a conscious decision to see the magic happening, in every process at every moment.

Many Blessings

Sirona Rose

The Owl Seer )0(


Mabon Reflections


Mabon has came to us once again.  Yesterday was the Autumn Equinox, a day of balance between the light and dark.  After this day, the night will grow stronger as the Sun God dies and goes back to the Earth Mother.  This Mabon is rather deep for me, as I have been through many changes this year.  The Goddess changes everything she touches, and everything She touches changes.  This year I made a commitment to walk the Goddess path and as I walk through the Sabbats, I am truly living them.  Even though I have walked this path solitary for many years, it seems these holy days feel different, more real and they are revealing their great meanings to me. Mabon, our second harvest, is a time of harvest.  So what is harvest?  Well it is a gathering up, so to speak.  So, you dont have a garden, but you do have a body that has experiences.  You have things, people partnerships or the like in your life.  We have things/people come and go, representing the seasons to us personally.  This harvest, clarity has been served to me quite abundantly.  I sit here on my porch, watching the rain fall on this first full day of fall and I am completely humbled.  I have had to release several friends, worries and sadly hope for particular things.  What I do know that as these things leave my life, it leaves an opening for something better able to fit there.  Many times I hear the words “ignorance is bliss” and I guess that is true in many instances, but it does leave one standing in a crowded room with pie all over your face.

I am truly grateful for all that I have, experienced and released.  I know that all of these things have brought me here.  As I am preparing and looking forward to our full lunar eclipse in a few days, I remember that we have one more harvest festival left, Samhain.  I feel this will one will also bring me a big harvest as well.  Those that no longer serve, will be released.  Sure, I guess ignorance can be bliss, but it really only prolongs pain, truth or whatever it may be.  I did plant the seed of clarity, and boy have I received it.  I wanted truth, I wanted to walk my path and live my dreams.  All that has fell into place, just walking the talk if left.  Mental note here, be very specific to that which you want…cause you just might get it!

Many blessings and may you have an abundant harvest season!

Happy Mabon

Sirona Rose

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