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October 2015

Rune Terra Reading 10/30/2015

LaguzFirst we have LAGUZ, which is about flow, water and that which conducts.  This Rune has the energy of the Moon, as the Moon draws us toward unions/merging.  Going with the flow is the main message here.  This energy is about awakening/enhancing our intuitive side.  We are advised to fully be present in the moment, no judgment, just BE-ING in this life experience. With this energy, we should fully embrace ebb and flow.  This Rune can mean cleansing and realigning our Self.  This is a Rune of deep knowing, so spiritual studies may be heightened as well as self-transformation.  Alchemists refer to Laguz as the conjunction or sacred marriage…happily ever after.  Surrendering to the flow, allowing it to take step after the other…having those people and things come into your life to help you on your path…release and experience to have the life of your highest potential.

GEBONext we have GEBO, and this stone is about partnerships, a gift.  This can mean ALL partnerships.  Connecting with others that are like minded, those that have the same ideas as you..those that share your vision. This can also mean the ultimate union, that of the Self and that of the Divine.  Remember, true unions allow you to still be your individual self (separateness), as well as the other, and still unite.

EIHWAZEnergy going into the New Moon is EIHWAZ, defense, avertive powers, the Yew tree.   This Rune advises us to have patience and not to rush things.  Things should bloom in their own time, just as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  We may have some difficulties when we are starting something new, whether it is a new partnership, a new job or a new way of living.  When we are taking our time, using our intuition to help us foresee the coming consequences, much heart ache is avoided.  Take your time, there is no rush.  Once we decide on a path, when our decision is clear, things will begin to bloom right before our eyes.

This reading is really going into partnerships/relationships.  I can easily see this reading meaning new romantic relationships for many, as well as new jobs as well as becoming a better friend to yourself.

Many Blessings,



Taurus Super Full Moon Terra Report Oct 27, 2015


Happy Taurus Super Full Moon!  Wow at the things going on on our beloved planet.  A lot of turbulent, emotionally energy happening, so lets try to begin to understand this.  We are coming up to Halloween, traditional holiday is Samhain.  Samhain simply means “Summer’s End” and this was the end of the year for ancient Celts.  It is the final harvest festival as we prepare ourselves for the cold half of the year.  There has been many negative accusations of the holy day, for it is a time to honor the dead.  Death has become just a hushed thing to speak of, but it does come.  Right now, we are changing seasons and going into our winter months, meaning the trees, flowers and other plants are dying.  Dying is a necessary, as it makes way for the new.  Along with dying comes rebirth.  Yes, it can be bittersweet, but it is a necessary path.  So as we experience this super full moon today, we have to be conscious of what is going on our Earth.  In the past week there have been two 7+ earthquakes ( in Vanuatu and Afghanistan) as well as the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall that hit the western side of Mexico.  Not to mention the solar activity we’ve been having as well, seems there is a lot of intense energy.  While we all recognize the impact the moon has on the Earth, we have to remember “as above, so below”.  As it affects the Earth, it affects us.  Many are having headaches, emotional problems, heighten anxiety and some just feel off-centered.  This Taurus moon brings us an earthy, practical side, but the influence of Scorpios emotional, trans formative side makes this one passionate creative full moon.  Here is a time of learning experiences and many possibilities. Scorpio is “I desire”, and this is deep intimacy, extreme feelings with no room for the superficial. Taurus is stability and it asks you what do you love and value.  Scorpio also is about the hidden here, with this combination you are being advise to go deep within yourself and embrace your shadow or those things that you suppress…your untapped potential.  Here we are being advised that for us to truly love our Self and to have balanced lives, we have to balance our light and dark half.  This will unblock any hidden energy, gifts you may be suppressing, parts of yourself that you are denying.  Full moons reveal, what is this moon revealing about you?  This energy will help you release and get rid of what doesn’t serve you. Remember to every thing there is a season, this is the time of breaking down.  A time to dance and a time to mourn, a time to keep and a time to caste away.  Taurus is about what you love and value and Scorpio is about what others love and value.  Finding the middle ground is the key.  Mercury in Libra (til Nov 2)is guiding you to more balance.  This energy can help us bring more of a practical approach to relationships. Helping you learn to see both sides of the situation.  Venus in Virgo (til Nov 8) will aid us in expressing our love in more practical ways. Remember, it’s the little things that matter the most. Chiron opposing Venus makes us ask our self “what needs healing?”.  Our reading is right on the money with this energy!

Where we are is the 7 of SWORDS; taking what is needed and leaving what isn’t.                       Challenge is 8 of PENTACLES; development of talents/gifts                                                       Advice is 4 of STAVES; Satisfaction/harmony/happiness                                                               Outcome is MAGIC/ISIS;  You are the creator of your own life.

Here we are leaving behind that which we cant not take forward with us, that which is not needed.  There is only so much we can carry, so we gather up that which we value and leave the rest.  What do we truly value and love?  We have to separate our self from that which is blocking us, rid our self from that negative energy. Our challenge is simply that we are not using our gifts to the highest potential for us.  Or this could even go into valuing our originality, that which sets us apart from the rest. If we want others to value us, we must value our self and our gifts as well.  Our advice is “What makes you happy? then do it!”  Many times we settle into a rut, one of “I know it isnt good for me, but I am comfortable”.  This card also speaks of harmony, but to get that harmony we must have balance.  Work on those projects, do those things and make those decisions that will bring harmonic balance into your life.  Let your self be happy as well, surrender yourself to happiness and joy. Our outcome is Magic/Isis and that just says it all to me!  You are the creator of your life.  Your power is in the choices that you make today, your future is determined by those choices.  When you are able to release that which doesn’t serve you any longer, uncover those hidden gifts that you have, this enables you to surrender to happiness, have that harmonic balanced abundance we want, only then will be able to create the life that we want.  Own your power!

In combination, this is a deeply healing time in our lives.  Things may be being brought up to us that which we really do not want to look at, so it might get a little bumpy.  Getting rid of all the superficial things in your life.  Superficiality is a distraction!!  What do you truly value?  Healing our boundaries, our trust and healing our attachments that are causing us pain is the energy.  Feel this intense energy, see it but don’t allow it to hinder us…grow past it.  Please take advantage of this super moon and create the future you want. Flexibility will be key here.  This spectacular alignment with Jupiter, Mars and Venus has been visible in the pre-dawn sky.  This constellation is about love, hope and new beginnings.  Look for deeper meanings of things and situations in your life.  This is the time to release, remove the chafe from the wheat, rejuvenate, rest, work less.  It’s time to make more life and love for you!

Many Blessings,


Rune Reading 10/22 – 10/25/2015


Seems I have let my balance slip a bit to be more into the physical I have neglected the spirit world.  Things will always be sent to remind you.  The veil is mighty thin, and the energy has been intense more many.  As we are seeing a falling away from the things that do not really work.  This reading goes very well with all that we are going through…even on a global level.  **First stone is where we are and this is Othila and this stone is about separation, retreat and inheritance.  Here it is time to shed, shed away all the old…maybe even coming to a different path, a different way.  This stone can go into attachments as well, even how we look to the public..our positions.  Releasing all that keeps you from you, your true nature.  Our next step is Fehu and it is about possessions, nourishment and cattle.  Ultimately this stone is about fulfillment and satisfaction.  This is about truly understanding what is true wealth in your life.  Reminding us to keep our focus on what is truly important.  When we release all that we are not, Othila, we can surrender to that which we are which leads us to Fehu!  Our outcome is Raido, this is about communication, journey and unions or reunions.  This is a journey into the self, healing and union of self.  This is the ultimate union of the journey of self.  Here we are finding that complete-ness we long for within.  Raido is a cycle rune and it is also a rune of joy.  You were able to release all that had to be left behind to continue successfully on your lives journey.

Many Blessings


Libra New Moon Oct 12-13, 2015 Reading


Happy Libra New Moon!  Can we say RELATIONSHIPS?!  That is exactly what Libra is about, but lets not forget ‘balance’ as well.  In the tarot, Libra is the Justice card sometimes referred to as the “karmic return”.  This moon is bringing balances to relationships, are yours balanced?  This can go into a balance between our head and our heart.  Are there any changes you would like to make in your relationships?  Remember when I am saying ‘relationships’ I don’t necessarily mean romantic ones, this means ALL relationships.  Really, this Libra New Moon is a very welcomed energy from all the blood, super moons we have been having.  There is a great need here to work on all of our partnerships/relationships at this time.  Libra’s planet is Venus, (the Goddess of beautify and love) and the Sun and Moon are coupled here, which is a nice nurturing energy.  Libra’s opposite is Aries (self) and is in Uranus.  Libra is about others, so here projections can be apparent…making this new moon intense as well as new beginnings, which is what new moons bring. This moon is making us very conscious about what and who we are projecting our energy out to as well as who is projecting their energy upon you.  Libra ruling the 7th house, this is really having to do with others (partnerships, relationships, etc).  Pluto (our shadow) is now direct, so this is about transformation, influence is transforming our self through our relationships.   Libra wants to focus on others first, then self.  But here this moon urges us to stop helping others so much and to help themselves.  Here Libra needs to take the advice of Aries and focus on self.  To balance our Self, we need balance in our relationships, we need to master Self.  For many, this urge of Libra, you may get a serious wake up to call to leave unfulfilled relationships/partnerships.  Take advantage of this energy transform your life into a harmonious, balanced life.  Remember new moons are about beginnings.  OOOH and Mercury is out of retrograde, so this will aid in this process as well.  On to the reading.

Where we are is FORTUNE, Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of abundance).  Here, we are aware of the beauty and abundance that surrounds us.  Things may have eased up for you yielding better circumstances.  Here remember that all things come in cycles.  To me this is perfect energy for the new moon as it offers a positive energy, abundance.  Here, we are advised to project our best possible self to the world.  Our challenge is 5 of STAVES.  Here our challenge is standing up for our Self.  Are you standing tall in your self truth?  Make sure you are not compromising or sacrificing yourself in vain.  This goes quite well with this new moon as well.  Be sure to honor your Self, and not backing down from your principles.  If you do not stand up for yourself, who will?  Mercury direct will help your voice be heard clearly, but it wont do the work for you.  Helping others is always great, but first we must be able to help our self.  Our  advice card is the 10 of SWORDS reversed.  Try not to let yourself get overwhelmed by all that is going on around you.  One step at a time is perfectly alright.  This new moon is bringing intense energy, so maybe you will have to proceed with caution.  Also, this can be advising us to prioritize your life.  Put things in order that you want it to be.  It is time to truly let painful things go, memories, people or circumstances.  This card can also warn against self prophesy, things and people do change.  Not all things happen at once.  Our outcome is 5 of SWORDS.  This card can suggest accomplishment of your goal..something you have fought hard for.  One question that this card asks us to ask our self is what we are fighting for is worth it.  Swords present messages (element Air), so be careful with your words. Also remember, that at times we may have to hurt others with our words in order to live our life the way we want.  With this as the outcome, I am seeing that it will be come necessary to be a little forceful with our words to stand in our truth.  The saying “the truth hurts only when it should” comes to mind.  It is OK to take some time to decide what you truly want, but do decide if it is truly what you want (what you are fighting for).  The influence of Libra (balance in all relationships) may have you having to really be forceful with your words in order to get where you want to go.

Well I hope you enjoyed this reading.  Have an awesome day!

Many Blessings,


October’s Unveiling


October has come to visit with us and wow what energy is bringing her forth.  I have always felt the energy pull of Samhain, but since my dedication to her, it is much stronger.  It is a different energy now, I feel more in her stream.  The equinox and eclipse just adds to this deepening feeling. I feel the solemnness of it.  Our Sun God struck down on the equinox heralds the coming of our dark times.  Samhain opens that veil to the depths of the Soul, this is when we grow and learn.  Here in South Georgia, it is already chilly and Mother Nature sent her son, Joaquim, the hurricane to pound at our shores.  Ah the changing of energy.  I am sure many have already been feeling the veil thinning, the hidden becoming known.  This year has been an energy of its own.  It seemed strange/weird/unbelievable/shocking things just seemed to happen all year.  Some in painful ways.  Sadly, most of the time it was needed to let it go.  The Goddess changes everything she touches and I am finding out how true that is.  I asked for clarity for this year, and I have received it…and keep on receiving it.  As the God returns to the Goddess, she descends into the winter (dark times).  Feeling her, we can relate.  I am feeling the energy of going inside, time to study, learn.  Yes, we are still in the harvest time though, so a little more to go until that descent begins.  One of the blessings that has been bestowed upon me, is the blessing of boundaries.  Through that window of clarity, it was revealed to me how much we let others….give others control over our emotions.  So being able to set stricter boundaries, has really helped to on that.  Being grounded and centered during this time is a key element.  When it comes to emotions, we can really allow them to make us into monsters that we cant even recognize.  Through the lessons I have received, I have learned the true meaning of a wounded healer.  I was under the persuasion that it meant some one that had been in pain that was similar, or someone that had survived tremendous pains.  I was wrong.  A wounded healer are those that are still quite wounded themselves, and they are trying to “save” others from theirs.  Trying to save those that can’t even save themselves.  You may ask what is wrong with that?  Well, while you are attempting to save them, you and your health go by the way side.  Those that depend on you suffer, as well as yourself.  You get lost on their roller coaster of emotions, completely unstable and lost.    We have to learn that in order to help others heal, we too must be healed as well.  Sure we are always working to better our self, but that is a totally different thing from what I am speaking of….and I am sure you have seen what I am speaking of.  People have to want to heal to be healed, they have to do their own work.  Now, as the Spirit of Samhain moves through the air, we come upon our final harvest festival.  I feel more clarity will be known as we enter the threshold to the darker months.  As intense the full blood moon with lunar eclipse was, I am sure this will be equally intense.  Just feeling all this static electricity in the air, just makes me burst with warmness.

Many Blessings

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