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November 2015

Gemini Full Moon Reading 11/25/2015

I will be doing this reading a bit different.  With all that has been going on, I know many sensitives are really having a hard time.  We are finding truths that may have been well hidden or maybe ones we didn’t really want to know.  Time spent with your Self will be very beneficial.  Try to have this alone time in nature as much as possible.  This is the time to really keep our hopes up, see the golden lining or the sunny side of the situation.  This is a time to feed your Soul here, and keep releasing those things that keep you down.  This Gemini Full Moon is about communication, speaking, writing, teaching, listening, a sharing of ideas. Remember, you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  Full moons shine the light on things, and it brings things to completion.  As I was shuffling the deck the Lover’s card flew out, then I felt that this is to be the message for this time.


The Lover’s Card tells us to make heart centered decisions.  It is best to put the feelings and welling being of your loved ones and your self first.  Here is a reminder to keep our head and heart balanced.  It is time to celebrate all the love you have in your life.  Whether it be family, friendship, your passions or just showing yourself some Self love.  Do what empowers you!  All that we have is NOW.  We don’t have tomorrow or yesterday, we have NOW.  And in the moment of Now, we have the power Me…it is everything.  Love in a way that transforms the world!

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.  ~Melody Beattie

Here in the US it is the Thanksgiving holiday.  I like to call it Gratitude day. We should always take a moment and express our gratitude every day, but on this day, especially after Samhain (Halloween, our last harvest), this is the perfect time to be grateful.  Be grateful for all things that got you to where you are.  If you are still breathing, that in it’s self is a blessing.

I am truly grateful to all of you that read and enjoy my readings.  I hope they help you on your journey.  I wish you all love that lasts for all of eternity and a peace that transcends time.

Many Blessings,



Rune Reading for the week of 11/15/2015


Good morning everyone.  This weeks reading is a bit light considering what has been going on, especially in Paris. The first stone cast is Ehwaz and is about movement (physical shifts), progress, transition and the horse.  This energy is of the movement in bettering ourselves.   The energy here is gradual, and it can mean relationships, businesses and other types of shifts.  I hope you are seeing the key word here, shifts.   We are going from one place to another and its all about bettering our self. Be steadfast, you have come along way and you have what it takes to get through this shift so you can have the blessings this can bring.  Our second stone is Wunjo and it represents joy and light as it is a fruit-bearing branch.  This is an alchemical process where we are seeing the knowledge attained after a shift that has occurred.  You are seeing the bigger picture and seeing why things had to happen the way they happened.  This is new energy, ones that were blocked before.  This can be about the material as well as the Self.  New clarity in situations.  As a Rune of restoration, this is when the Self is aligned with the Self.  Our third stone is Teiwaz and this is the energy of the warrior and Tiw the Sky God. This stone represents the energy of the Spiritual Warrior.  The Spiritual Warrior allows the “Will of the Gods” to pass through them.  They understand true discrimination and allots you the energy of cutting away the old or the dead…that which maybe weighing you down.  The true Warrior listens to the divine, and watches…knowing patience reveals all.  The Warrior understands discernment and picks their battles wisely.  This is the molding of character, meeting your deepest needs and tapping into resources to look within to the foundations of life itself.  This Rune was painted, or carved onto warriors shields before battle.  The true Warrior is centered, not getting lost in the chaos of the emotional pool. Devotion and perseverance, knowing that focus is required to proceed on your path.  Many time this can mean conquest of the Self….aligning Self with Self.

The energy I feel from this reading is saying that many may be breaking their shells, breaking out of the dead end path.  You are finally ready, or in the process of, moving from the past into the present (which is all that IS), finding joy in being YOU or doing those things which bring you happiness.  Maybe some of you left or were forced to leave jobs or relationships that made you unhappy and then finding the true blessing leaving was, thus opening the door for that which does make you happy.  You are beginning to see what truly makes you happy, what makes your Soul sing with delight.  Then we are introduced to our Spiritual Warrior.  We are focused on our path, we are seeing the true understanding of allowing the natural flow.  We understand that, at times, we must stand our ground and fight for that which is good and right (for us and all).  We are not drowning in the pool of chaos, we are in the eye of the it learning to work with it.  We are centered, as we are aligned with our Self.

Hope you all enjoyed the reading and it helps you on your path.  Many blessings to you all!


Scorpio New Moon Energy Reading

Today we are having our Samhain New Moon in Scorpio, so transition should have you right there on the edge of your seat.  This is a cross roads time as well, the time of Hecate and yes these planets are showing us this as well.  One thing, as I am walking this magical path, I have noticed is how I relate with time.  Time “gets away” from me at times, or I will think it’s one time when it’s really another…etc.  Dreams of time jumping, or time traveling, which ever you choose to call it, leave me rested yet tired in the mornings.  Time is a linear thing indeed.  New Moons are new beginnings, and I feel that this is a perfect new moon for the Celtic New Year.  Mercury is in Scorpio with the Moon and it is the only planet that can travel thru the underworld, Earth and heaven.  Mercury (the messenger of the Gods) rules the mind; the unconscious, conscious and super-conscious.   Scorpio requires you to go deep within yourself, so at this time, or cross-road, maybe many of you have made a choice of where you are going, important internal decisions.  Pluto, Scorpio’s planet, is about power, so it feels like things will be happening fast.  It is time to go to the next level.  Maybe opening up doors that were never open before.  Scorpio allows us to receive that which we want, learning to trust….trust your intuition, your inner power.  We know what’s it is like to not have what we want, so allow this energy to flow to you.  These changes can be huge or subtle, can start out as a thought and later be an action or putting you into action.  Even with all this transitioning, this is truly a very healing time.  The North Node and South Node (18 year cycle) of the moon is very important too.  The North Node (where we are going) is going into Virgo today.  Virgo is about service to others, passing on or teaching others and honing your skills.  It is us making better adjustments in our life.  We have come to a new place in our life, so adjustments for this better place must be made. The South Node (where we came from) is in Pisces.  The darker aspects of Pisces is escaping, some times into drugs, alcohol etc.  We are leaving behind playing the victim and escaping from reality. Dont loose yourself in illusions, here.  Sure celebrate, but don’t stay there.  We are leaving the past hurt behind and truly healing, allowing well being into our life.  Saturn is out of Scorpio, so you should feel some relief.  Mars is in Libra and will help us have balanced relationships.  I am seeing many doors opening up for you that were not there before and true healing happening.  Not losing our self to fear, but one of unlimited potential (New Moon sextile Jupiter).    On with the reading!


3 of Discs

Green Man                     King of Swords                    9 of Cups                     Page of Cups

The energy of this reading is the 3 of Discs is about mastering your craft.  This energy is telling us that we need to stay focused on our goals. You need to really hone in on them.  This card is advising us that in order to get that which we want and desire we must discipline our self and commit to the path.  The Green Man represents raw, primal energy and is the Fool card in traditional tarot.  This is new beginnings, taking chances.  Connect to that part of yourself.  There are powerful forces working here, the energy of transition.  It is like many of you have made changes, or in the middle of them and are beginning to go forward.  It could be changing your diet, your career, your partner or even just your perception.  This is raw energy and very powerful, so the will is strong here.  Spiritually speaking, many may be seeking guidance and get it from surprising places.  You are beginning to open up, having a new spiritual understanding.  Change brings chaos, but this is the transition, this is evolution.  You direct its energy, listen to your intuition. .The King of Swords  talks to us about our mental clarity and our communication.  He urges us to get control of our lives.  It maybe a time for you to share you knowledge, teach the next generation.  He will help us sever those connections that are not beneficial for us.  We may need to detach our self from the situation in order to have clarity, stepping out side the box to see the bigger picture.  Remember, the King of Swords is a charismatic leader with great personal strength.  Taking control of our life takes us to the 9 of Cups, which is normally called the “wish” card.  Here we figure out what we want and we have the strength to fulfill that “wish”. This reading is telling us that if we are to follow the advise of the Green Man, listen to the advice of the King of Swords, we will be able to achieve our dreams/desires.  This could be emotional, financial or just well being.  So fulfilling our dreams brings us to the Page of Cups.  Cups are about emotions, and many times this can literally mean a beginning of a new relationship, or a new level in existing ones.  With this reading, this is telling me that we are in fact learning our true value.  When we are going after our desires, and in the process of receiving them, our self respect goes up a bit.  We are finding peace within our self.  We are in fact stepping up in our relationships, evolving into a better, more intimate one.  This card can mean reflection as well.  Yes this can apply to us as well.  We are looking inward, seeing our true worth, seeing our gifts we bring into the world and honoring those.  We are becoming very aware of our feelings here, and not falling for the “what will others think of me” but more of “what do I think of myself”.  Remember here, to be considerate to others and their feelings as well.

I hope you enjoyed this reading.  This reading is very intense, so if you would like more clarity I can pull cards especially for you to see how it all applies to you.  If you are still having issues, then you need to ask yourself are you being proactive or reactive.  Are you fully being honest with yourself?  Are you still allowing yourself to be drained?  Are you still going back to that dead end relationship?  This energy here is definitely one of shifting, so if you are not shifting then you need to dive deep within yourself and see where the energy is being pinched off.  This energy will be going quickly, so it is time to take action.  We have had a long ride to get here, so please take advantage of this energy dont let anything get in your way. Thank you so much!

Many Blessings,


**Deck is the Sacred Circle, a Celtic Pagan Journey by Anna Franklin illustrated by Paul Mason

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