March is blowing in Ostara, I can smell it in the air, the Goddess is definitely stirring.  March 1st marked the anniversary of the Salem Witch Trials.  Sure, Witches have come along way since the times of inquisition, but yes we still have a way to go.  I fall in the lines of the Traditional, or Elder Ways, so yes I pay much reverence for the Ancestors, them and their ways.

Any one, at any knowledge level, knows that all the “Witches” that were burned, hanged or put to death for witchcraft or sorcery we not ALL “Witches”.  But do I still honor them?  Yes, I do.  I honor them for the sacrifice they made for the ignorance of people. I have seen many blogs of others stating that seem to be upset of this acknowledgement. I still honor them as Ancestors, and why?  Because they paid the ultimate price for my path.  Many women and men, mostly women, paid the same price thanks to The Malleus Maleficarum’s terrorism, King James’ hate for women and countless others that clearly were driven by ignorance and obviously sociopaths.  Do you or can you even comprehend the fact that there were villages in Germany, after the raids came through, where no women were left?  There are those that argue the precise number of people, including children, that were killed for being accused of being a Witch, but the exact numbers are beside the point.  The point it that there was a movement happening illustrated by those that were considered holy, that was pushing hate, murder, torture, prejudice, the extinction of natural healing ways and the list goes on. Even today the word Wicca bring negative connotations.  So, what is Wicca?  It is simply a Feminine nature based Mystery religion that is oath bound and involves a 3 degree initiation process.  Gerald Gardner didn’t invent this path, for there is plenty of evidence that it was being practiced in England before him…have you ever thought who initiated him??  He just happens to be the one that put it in the public eye, first as myth then as truth.  Buckland brought it to the US and then splinters happened.  By those that were turned down for teaching, those that thought they already “knew” everything, Wicca slowly became something it wasn’t meant to be.  It began to take on a different life.

Today, thanks to the all of the new technology, we are understanding more and more about our past.  We are finding that things are not what they appear, there is more beneath the surface.  We are now understand the full understanding that the history that is made public and forced under our noses, is written by those who won the wars.  We are understanding that lies have been force fed to us for thousands of years, but yet many care not and still do not question it.  With our complete world up turning, we are seeing the seeds of change blooming.  With all change, comes a sacrifice.  Whether it be something old no longer need, or people in our life, there is always a sacrifice that has to be made. So you may wonder why some one who understands and accepts change chose an Elder path? Well, I feel that in all of our chaotic en-devours to find truth, why we are here and Goddess/God (what ever that maybe), much has been lost.  Luckily, yes, they didn’t kill all the Witches and this sacred path was held underground to efforts to conserve it’s beauty and authenticity. I believe that through our Ancestors, much knowledge can be found. The true roots that we all need to keep our Root Chakra grounded is in these teachings.  Chaos is fine, but where do you direct it?  As we come out of our dark half of the year, approaching our light half, what are you bringing forth?  And with this change, I hope more conscious decisions are made.

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose