Many know of the South as being the “bible belt”, but to their surprise, they dont actually know that Savannah is predominantly Catholic and not Southern Baptist.  As a Pagan, I can identify with much of that religion.  Last Sunday, on my ventures into the beautiful city of Savannah, we made a stop into St John’s the Baptist Cat80374c81-770c-4185-9e51-e69025d41e5fhedral.  If you have ever been inside this magnificent place, you know how breath taking the art is.  Those who have not visited, you must go see it.

Walking in, you are greeted by a big pool of holy water, that is decorated with Celtic Knots that any Pagan would fall in love with.
On the right side you are shown in art step by step of the crucifixion of Jesus, leading you down to him hanging on the cross.  As a holywaterfountain.jpgWiccan Pagan, I can identify this as the Sun God dying on Summer Solstice (Litha) and then re-birthed by the Goddess on the Winter Solstice (Yule).  On the left, are magnificent painted glass windows leading you to the left corner where Mary Magdalene and the Mother and child sit.  In front of them sit the prayer candles.  Again, another religious action I identify with.



I sat in front of Mary Magdalene, in silence I found solace.  I cleared my mind, opening myself to the Great Goddess.  Within moments, my root chakra was grounded deep within Mother into the land of ancestors.  I felt their wisdom blast through my heart chakra, recreating such honor and humility and words I can not explain.  I began seeing back hundreds of years ago when the Church came upon the children of the Goddess to spread their word.  I can imagine that the Church has riches that it showed off, offering a better easier life.   It does seem, as looking through the window, that the Church took on a lot of the Pagan aspects as well, such as St Brigid and many holidays.  It seems though, the Goddess was put on the back burner and the sacredness of the fertile Earth was forgotten. Looking back on my religion, I can see how much sacredness has been lost, even of the most sacred words.  We seem to think that every thing should be out there on display, and that is just simply not a good idea.  And the way things or paths, especially my religion,  have been distorted makes this argument valid. Being focused on this path, has brought me closer to the Goddess than I have ever been.  Feeling the Goddess bloom inside of me every day is priceless, as there are no words to explain.  In that cathedral, I felt so connected to a lost time, as if I am in the timeless realm that is only felt by a few.  Looking up at the detailed ceiling, I can actually make out little pentacles in the art.  On the wall behind the altar, the flame of Goddess Brigid, is even in the art (as well as Mason signs).973b8941-8dec-4298-b635-11db736e7a70.jpg

Leaving, I felt a sort of  peace, that which you feel at the end of a great journey. Maybe it was a since of release, for my heart does bleed for all the Witches that were killed in the various Witch hunts.  I am feeling the Divine Feminine rising is awakening the Great Mother’s lost training.  In the mystery schools, you were trained and educated in the path of the Goddess.  You were taught the language of the herbs, and taught to read the secrets of the stars.  Tapping into these sacred teachings, awakens us deeper into the realm of the Great Goddess.  When dealing with The Fates, things can be hidden in the shadows, forcing us to look deeper, seeing the healing or teaching without judgement.

This Great Goddess is alive in Savannah, opening like the petals of a rose, one facet at a time.

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose

©April 12, 2016