1008338_534093229984394_2128071585_oMy path is one of the Elders, soaked in deep tradition. I look upon my path as one of beauty and mystery.  The future being revealed to me one facet at a time, further defines the mysteries.   “We must listen to our ancestors” is blasted from one social media site to another, though no one cares to listen to that. They would rather listen to the new age gurus and cut on paths that fit only their needs..following their heart.  Now, how is that listening to the ancestors? Following just your heart is a foolish endeavor, for you must be aligned with your mind, body and soul.  All three of these must fit together in order to have proper focus.  True, the Goddess is all inclusive, as all acts of love and beauty are hers. Our ancestors believed in traditions, in their rituals.  Evidence of this is widely known. I am not one for bending the traditions of my ancestors to suit some one else’s selfish needs nor my own.  The Goddess calls her own.  Is the path easy?  NO!  The path is about surrendering to the Goddess, to that harmonious flow.  Witches are made from the inside out. The challenges and the sacrifices all release you to that.  Sacrifices are always looked at as a bad thing.  Sure, for some in the beginning it may be painful, may be even relieving for you, but these things you are releasing frees you to peruse the mind, body and soul alignment. I also hear how we are in a different energy, higher vibration…so how does this take the worthiness from the Traditions?  It does not, it only makes it stronger.  Tapping into this energy and using the energy of today will magnify it and allow the Goddess to heal the Earth.  It allows us to leave behind all none sense we have been force fed, connect to the Mother again and see the beauty that we are living in.  We have to take responsibility, stop waiting to be “saved” and be the spiritual warriors we are.  I am all for love and light, but I would rather be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.  We have to step out of the fear, out of the dark abyss of the patriarch society’s teaching and truly listen and learn from our ancestors.

I am a Priestess of the Goddess in training and everyday she blesses me with her beauty and deep love.  I am so honored and humbled to be walking this path.  No, it hasn’t been easy, but great things normally aren’t.  The gifts that I receive are insurmountable.

Deepest Blessings,

Sirona Rose