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July 2016

The Unfolding


Through my years I have had several good lovers.  Some were just for lust, some for love and some for just healing.  The ones that really set themselves apart were the ones for healing, as I felt pieces of me fall away allowing more of my inner-ness to come out.  As each step in my spiritual walk has revealed different types of people, many parts of myself have revealed themselves to me.  I can remember sitting here, not even a year ago, asking to meet a lover that will crack the walls around my soul allowing for the full unfolding of ME that got lost along the way.  The other day, as I sat here at my altar healing from my family pet taking her walk over the Rainbow Bridge, that thought came to my mind.  I was wanting to meet some one that would crack this shell, allowing that which is just bubbling below the surface to come out.  As I sat here, staring at the incense and candles, I heard the Great Goddess speak to me.  Clear as crystal her voice said to me “Sweetheart, that is what the Goddess does!  You do not need a man, nor any one to help you with this. As you let the Great Goddess work in your life, moment by moment, the peeling away would happen.  Some times, yes, it would be a crack and many times it would feel shattering.  But please be assured that the Great Goddess will open up parts of you that you could never imagine existing within you.  She will show you the many paths and the many ways to get there, but most importantly, she will show you YOUR PATH and reveal to you YOUR GIFTS. She will show you how to protect that which you truly cherish, and how to turn those negatives into positives.  A famous quote that I love is :  “A Witch’s approach to life is one that says ‘when evil comes upon you, make it work for you’.  It means to bend, to be wise” ~Unknown

So, this I shall!  I will allow the Great Goddess to keep unfolding me one petal at a time until all of my honey is exposed…to every bit of my juiciness to allow to come forth to aid in the energy of the Goddess, but only visible to me and those that I allow to enter into my temple.  My mysteries will still be present to the on looker, those that would just love to rob me of that precious energy….only the mystery will remain to them.

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose


Goddess Blessed


Today the Moon is in Libra, so harmony is enhanced today.  Today’s energy is more on the line of being still as well.  I feel just sit and see things with out labels, look at them from different perspectives. My communication with Goddess is quiet unique as she goes from nurturing Mother to pick-yourself-up Crone.  As you seek the Goddess, she will seek you. It is from the inside out that a witch is made.  It feels, at times, like the Goddess is picking up from my ankles and shaking me, shaking every thing loose that I had put in the back of my mind, some where long hidden.  As this change washes over me, creating a new me every morning, a longing is bubbling up in me.  It is quite hard to explain, its like a home and time that is long forgotten…a remembering of something very dear to me.  Is this more of the making of the Witch?  Growing spiritually doesnt stop, we learn all the time. It is the feeling of some thing coming forth from the inside.  As we are cycling now into our dark half of the year, fast approaching Lughnasadh, I feel the cycle/season changing. It is going to be a cycle of change for sure.

The weird thing is, when I look back at past soul relationships I have had, I feel like they were in a different life.  The connection that once were there, seems to not be intense or even not there anymore.  The recognition that it was a step in your path, one to help you get to where you need to be going probably helps with that.  The rawness of this path is so not for the weak.  For the Goddess does choose her own.

At times when I sit with the wind, I hear the ancient voice call to me….calling me by name. I can not hide from it, nor to I want to.  I know that this is fastly approaching me, and all I want to do is run toward it, but yet I cant.  I have to wait til it come to me, or I should say I get finished transforming so I can easily flow to it. I know my goal, but all the steps I do not.  I do know that I am being guiding, and I do feel secure as I know that I am Okay.  The pieces will continue to fall into place as my path is laid out before me.  I am thrilled and nervous all at the same time.

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose



It is almost time for me to become 1st degree.  It’s kinda odd because I have been on this path for over 15yrs, yet there was much I didnt know.  I think the biggest thing was the history, especially of my tradition.  Many people claim that Gardner was the father of Wicca and that is just wrong…he was the first one to put it in published word, to bring it to the public.  You see Wicca existed many, many years before him and all over the world.  This is such a beautiful religion, and unfortunately in order for it to be properly respected by the governments, it has to be categorized as such.  One thing I am noticing is all the different types of Wicca out there.  I know different traditions have different ways, and thats not the problem its more of those that read and book and poof they’re a HP or HPS. There are so many misconceptions regarding what Wicca is. First and foremost, Wicca is a Nature Based Feminine Mystery Religion that is oath bound and requires training with 3 degrees of initiation. When I look at its definition on Wikipedia I almost cry because of how wrong it is. It is a part of the Occult, it is a mystery religion.  For many years I have been a part of rituals, helped start a Wiccan church and such, but still this personal “focused” one on one training has been a true blessing. I always giggle when some one says “I practice the “Old Ways” so I dont need training” because according to the “Old Ways” yes you do.  Even in the “Old Ways” you were required to studied with a seasoned Witch for a year and a day (usually a Crone).  So what does all of this have to do with “rebirth”.  Well, it is simply what this feels like, I am becoming some one new.  I have found home in this path, one of beauty and of purity….one of complete sacredness. So yes, when I see others buying their Wiccan Masters certificate from the ULC and reading a book by Scott Cunningham talking about solitary Wicca (which there is no such thing and you need to check his training because it was NOT Wicca), yea I get insulted.  As I sit here and look on pages such as globalwicca and the such and I see how completely messed it people have gotten it.  There are NO Swami’s in Wicca!!!!!   Yes things evolve, that is energy…that is magic.  The Mother teaches us that nothing stays the same, as we have cycles/seasons that demonstrate just that.  But these core teachings do not.  You say the old ways existed before Wicca, and I would say you need to research that further, just like I had to do. This path is not a free for all, nor does it include constant orgies.  Yes, the Goddess is all inclusive, but the role of the God is to teach us boundaries, even in nature there are laws (such as the law of gravity and cause and effect).  Now dont get me wrong, you can be a Witch and not Wiccan, but when it comes to Wicca….I am going to be a stickler about it.  Why??  Well simply put it is becoming so heavily influenced by the New Age movement that it is becoming Christianized.  And Wicca is not Christian, has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity and it out-dates it by thousands of years.  Wicca is not about charity, it is about learning to be responsible and take care of yourself.  Sure we will help a brother or sister in need, that is one thing, but we are not going to be an enabler to them.  We will teach you how to grow your own food, preserve it, etc.  We will teach you how to fish and to clean it in order to eat.  We will teach you these basics, but its up to you to utilize them and not be a leach on society.  Will this blog make some people mad, probably, but I honestly do not care. The thing of it is, this is simply not my opinion, it is fact.  This is my path and I,among many, many others that are coming up through training, will be fixing this problem.  I do not want the sacredness of my path to be lost in time to some love and light new age mumbo-jumbo.  Do I believe in that?  YES I do!!!! I am all about some love and light, but I do understand that I am living in the 3D and here we have the light and the dark.  From my 15+ yrs on a spiritual path, I have noticed that people want to do what suits them.  They want the rules to bend for their liking, they want easy-peasy and that’s just not reality. I hear “its hard to find a teacher”, well I can agree on that as I know many elders have stopped teaching because people are just simply not willing to do what it takes to make it.  They want their way.  They are basically acting like 3 yr olds throwing a temper tantrum. There are sacrifices to every thing, the God teaches us that.  In order to have the new, you have to release the old.  Focus, focus, focus.

Through this rebirth of myself, I have developed a new sense of sacredness, deeper and stronger.  I feel closer to my ancestors and I do feel them around me and communicating to me.  I do believe, “An it harm none, do as thou please”, we have to realize there is a rhyme and reason for it all….and that doesnt mean you can destroy a path.  I have gained such a deeper understanding of why the past is important, why certain things are done, I have had my “why” questions answered.  I feel very grounded and secure of my footing. I have even gotten compliments saying that “I can see that you are very rooted in your path”, telling me how their views on Wicca have been cleared up, and how they have a better understanding.  In the past year, I have been able to reflect on where I have been and where I am going.  I am feeling more and more ME than I ever have.  And there are many more that stand where I stand and love Wicca and will not allow it to be watered down by new age teachings (such as Neo-Wicca).  I am in Elder Wicca, I go by the teachings of my ancestors and of those who walked this path for thousands of years.  I honor their sacrifices they have made, just so I have to freedom to type this out here.  I love my path and I love The Great Goddess and I will protect it til my last breath.  It is a great honor and great responsibility to walk this path.  I am bringing in the Divine Feminine energy, strongly with the energy of the ancestors backing me.

I wish you all many blessings,

Sirona Rose

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