This passed Aries full moon has really got things intense…Mars in Capricorn doesnt help either.  This passed weekend I passed a huge milestone…I am now a 1st degree traditionally trained witch.  Many wondered why I chose this path after being solitary for so long.  It was for the tradition.  I now stand very tall on that stone of knowledge.  I have deep roots, ones that you just cant get by bouncing around.  I have had some wonderful teachers and mentors in the past, but honestly it doesnt take the place of that one on one training.  My focus has gotten so much better.  Focused energy is a lot better than scattered, and it makes a different with your magic as well.  I often think back to my ancestors and how they were taught, and their challenges they faced.  Working so close to the Gods is some heavy work.  When you walk between the worlds, to demands great responsibility, unfortuntately many do not get that and suffer the coinscidences. I am just happy we are in this day and age where there are some things a bit simplier.  Changes are definitely coming at me, teaching me to temper those energies inside me.  The Goddess speaks up inside of you and demands respect, so yea boats get rocked.  Taking the welcome sign off your forehead isnt even have of it.  Yea, you do become a force to reckon with, as you know your own worth and it gets higher day by day.  There is a lot of things I no longer tolerate in my life, people have to be responsible for themselves and they have to be faced with their actions.  Every one throws the phrase “Know  thy Self” around like its just a lil phrase that will do ya some good without even considering the amount of work those three words bring.  Looking at your self in the mirror, breaking down all of your childish ways is hard.  I personally do not like to be wrong, but guess what…it happens.  You will hear “let go of the ego” but dont drink the kool-aid on that one.  Ego can be a good thing as it helps to be proud of yourself.  The Ego operating in the negative way is destructive and this is what you must face.  

Where I am, I have worked hard.  My love ones have supported me greatly.  Knowing my commitment to my path and the importance it has to me, they help me out where ever and when ever they can.  A spiritual journey is one not to be taken lightly, as it can feel like you’re climbing up a mountain on bloody knees.  It is worth it to me though.  I am learning so much and feeling so connected to Mother….not that I wasnt before, its just different.  My ancestors and ancients know me now…they’ve heard me so there is no going back now.  But why would I even want to??  I am home.  I have heard the call of the Great Goddess, and I am heading her way.  I know that the after result will be SO worth it.  

I look at that picture above and I wonder how these ancestor witches felt through their training.  I wonder what challenges they faced and what knowledge they hold within.  Their knowledge purer than it is now, oh to be able to tap into that energy!  But you see, that is what happens when you walk this path.  Doors are opened, energy lines developed, and connections are made.  Already on this path, I have seen others come and go, as it is not an easy path.  What takes work is always worth it.  I dont want to be shown the right answer, I want to be shown the right direction and lead myself there.  This path is one of Self, as this is how you spiritually develop. The Goddess has blessed me dearly.  Learning to temper these elements is a challenge though.  For many years, I did run from this great path….but I could not hide.  My HPS told me that the Goddess picks her own….and once she does you will not be able to hide from it.  I can say this is true.  She picked me, I heard her call and I followed.  I had to go through the motions, figure things about a bit.  Learn this and learn some of that, so i could get calm enough; focused enough, to be and do that which is presented before me.  So yes, challenges were dumped on my lap this morning and I am working through them and yes she is right beside me.  Just like the rose, some times you have to bear the thorns to behold the beauty.  Magic runs rapidly through my veins.  My ancestors would be proud!

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose