Happy Sagittarius New Moon!  The placement of the stars are showing us that this moon is about rude awakenings and great clarity….but may not be as you expected.  Neptune in Pisces (direct) is aiding some to have insecure feelings, as this is very emotional energy, and basically a lot of sensitivity to all situations.  

I really urge you to be very conscious of your thoughts and that which you really need. Many of us are having a big dose of reality, and giving us clarity that might leave us in an uncertain place.  The theme, I feel, is different directions.  Mercury will be going retrograde December 19th – 31st, so things you are experiencing now, will be revisited in the middle of January.  Mercury in Sagittarius is making us very generous right now.  Venus square Neptune tells us that we really need to think about the bigger picture and to do those things which will be most beneficial in the long run. This New Moon, I will stress you need to be conscious of what you really need and where you are going and plant those seeds to make that happen.

I want to address the energy now. There is so much chaotic energy flowing through Mother Gaia right now its completely unreal.  And this is normally what happens when we are at the beginnings of transition.  And if we truly understand energy, we should know that by falling into one of those energy paths will expand it.  This is why I am urging people to be very conscious right now, of thoughts, deeds, and all.  Make decisions from a conscious level.  Your thoughts…conscious.  Think about this; we all have freewill, to act the way that we choose, yet many act out of hate, rage, and violence….think about that.  What do you want to manifest?  Remember, it is OK to ask for help and to ask for that which you need.  If you are unsure of what you need, then you really need to sit down and figure this out, as this is not a time to get lost in Neptune’s emotional hold.  What brings comfort to your life?  What/Who makes you feel safe and secure?  How can I truly help myself de-stress?  These are questions you need to be answering now.  This is the time of SELF CARE!  Take your hot baths, your long walks, dance, meditate, do whatever you need to do to take care of YOU!   

When I talk about consciousness….this is what I am speaking of…know and act.  Do not leave it to some one else, because you will be disappointed.  SELF CARE!  Ask for what you need, and allow yourself to have it.  You can either go forward, or you can go backward…..focus on going forward!

New Moon Blessings )0(

Stacy Hill