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December 2016

Capricorn New Moon Reading 

​Capricorn New Moon Reading 
The Moon leads us to inner reflections, transformation, and one of rebirth. The only way through is connecting to our primal parts of our self, our deep consciousness. We need to listen to our Intuition and hear our inner voice….the calls can not go unheeded as they will follow you. 

Next the Page of Arrows, the Wren which was very scared to the ancient Druids and was a guardian of winter mysteries. The Wren teaches us determination, and to not give up. In doing so,  we must learn how to go with the flow and be flexible. We have to be flexible, be able to go with the flow as it helps us with focus. Learn new skills to help you, and surrender to the unfolding of the path. The Hooded Man, Wren (king of all birds) is also in this card,  carries a single light in the middle of darkness. He is seeking the mysteries, but also realizes that in attaining this knowledge, we may have to make sacrifices. 

Our Soul does guide us, but it takes focus and determination to press forward and know that to get that which you seek hard work will be required (on the inside as well as the out).




The Ending of an End


Today is  December’s new moon and it is in the sign of Capricorn.  New Moons represent an end to a cycle, and the beginning of another cycle. The pouring rain is aiding us in a cleansing of sorts.  This energy of 2016 does need a good cleansing, as anything does after transition. The moon’s energy affects our Earth and deep ways, as well as us other living beings that feed off of her….we are a part of her.  As we come to an ending of this year, it is hard not to keep our attention to all the lose we have experienced in these 12 short months.  Many call 2016 a year of transition, and I for one second that thought.  There were a lot of deaths, shocking surprises, and one of boundaries.  In this age that we live in now, we are force fed the idea of “unconditional” ideas.  As I do believe, on many things, that the sky is the limit, I am quickly brought to the sobering realization that we are living on Mother Earth and there are boundaries in this experience.  For me personally, my heart has ached a lot this year over the deaths of people that I once looked up to, and still do.  Great artists have left us, energies removed. Many times, we have heard when we loose something, it makes way for some thing new and better, and for our sake I hope that is correct.  Not only have I experienced this, I have also experienced a death within myself as well, one that will not be missed.  For over 15 years I have been on a Goddess path, and making the decision to truly hear her calling, and get the training that I needed to be her High Priestess, has been one of death, rebirth and life. When I went to my 1st degree, a great death occurred, one of the old person that I was.  Looking at the dark recesses of ones own soul isnt always a piece of cake.  My HPS tells me that is Witch is molded from the inside out, no matter what is displaced on the outside…I believe this is true.   A ripping away of all you thought you had to have, revealing to you that which your soul most needs. I, for one, am no stranger to looking within the mirror of the soul, but when the Goddess looks with you it will shake you to your core.  Now, with this new moon at the end of a transitional year, this rain will aid in the clearing away, cutting cords, and releasing all of our bad habits, things that no longer serve, and those things and people we wish to leave behind.  Importantly, this is a time of rebirth as well, a new cycle, so plant seeds, turn over a new leaf.  With Capricorn’s influence, if you didnt have clear focus, you will now…here is your fresh start.



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