Today, January 7, 2017,  marks the day when all planets are direct at one time, ending February 6th when Jupiter turns retrograde in the sign of Libra.  Jupiter stationed in Libra has really been dominate the last part of the year, as its focus is one of expansion and harmonic relationships/partnerships.  Last year was one of great transformation for a lot of people, one year that all of us have seen loss of some kind.  By the end of last year, many was feeling such a heaviness, or even sadness that they just could not shake. Mercury being in retrograde did not help at all.  With all transition comes growing pains, as it does push us out of our comfort zones.  So now that we have entered this new year on the Gregorian Calendar, what many are asking what can we expect?  Well, with all the planets coming direct we can expect great action.  We will begin to see some movement in areas of our lives that are stagnant and in need to grow.  The Moon in Taurus is adding some nurturing energy, so make sure you remember the importance of taking care of your body ie; getting enough sleep/rest, meditation, walking in nature, just having a moment to call your soul your own.  Remember live in harmony.  Many have expressed feeling lighter energy, even refreshed feeling.  When we look to our sky, we can see where this energy is coming from.  One of my focuses is that Venus, Mars, and Neptune are in Pisces.  The key word for Pisces is I BELIEVE. Neptune, God of the Sea, is her planet.  When you have this placement (2012-2026), creativity and spirituality will be enhanced. We are learning to see beyond the material, and see the deeper, hidden meanings.  Pisces energy takes us to its deep waters, leading us to self realizations, deep compassion, sensuous, and completely intuitive.  With this being a 1 year, we will definitely see some great creativity, inventions, awesome beginnings.   Pisces teaches us to trust in our intuition, this water sign is all about the mystic realms. Uranus in Aries gives energy to that inventive mind, as well as helping you to see things clearly, have clarity over things you once did not, or even a new found clarity. Saturn is still in Sagittarius, and this placement is teaching us about having our freedom, but respecting the boundaries.  We love to think limitless when we manifest, but we also have to remember we live on Gaia and here we have to respect her boundaries.  Sun and Pluto in Capricorn….direct, disciplined, committed focus!

Where is your soul pulling you?  What are you being called to?  What is that yearning that just will not leave you be?

This energy is whispering in your ear to find it and follow it.  Action, action, action!  We are at the beginning, we have creative, imaginative energy flowing, how will you focus it?  Sure there will be those that will fight against this energy, as change always takes us out of our comfort zones.  I feel that many will have more opportunities than they once did, like obstacles are easily removed.  Hear your soul’s calling, sit quietly with yourself and plan a course of action, be receptive, listen to your intuition/your gut feelings, then allow your self to act….stay focused, the more energy you give it the better.  Enjoy the unfolding of it all.  Allow this energy to help catapult you in the direction you want to go in.  The proverbial pen is in your hand……


~Sirona Rose