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February 2017

A Journey of Evolution


I am pretty sure many of us can start off our life story as ” I always knew I was different” so I am not going to even go there.  I will say, that I have always been connected to nature, like many.  I loved to watch the wind blow through the trees, as I could hear them speak.  As I would hold stones in my hands, I could feel their energy joining mine to teach me of the stone people.  Those who know me, are really not surprised I am on the path that I am one.  Even though I got my first tarot deck when I was 17 (25 yrs ago), I still was in a place where learning of the Occult wasnt readily available.  A few years later, I bought the book The Celestine Prophesy  and realized that others have experienced things such as I so my quest began.  I was opened up to my past lives, I began to really listen to my intuition, growing every day.  Wicca/Witchcraft was my beginning, and I was told by a Crone that I was hereditary, meaning that my ancestors were Witches as well.  But what is a Witch?  A healer!!  As I progressed on my path I was introduced to many different paths; Hindu, Buddhism, Jehovah Witness, Catholic, Native American Spirituality, and even Judaism.  I will say, after studying Judaism, I gained such a great respect for the religion, and saw such sacredness in the practice.  In all of my studies, I do walk that path that I am studying it, and that was quiet an experience.  One path, that many are on now, is the New Age movement.  The thing about new age, is that it is so tangled into everything, that it isnt very grounded.

In this New Age path now-a-days, the focus is of higher consciousness, ascension.  It is one of listening to the higher self, meditating and matching your energy to higher consciousness energy, getting rid of the EGO, and detachment.  We all know of Monks, Nuns, and other groups of folks that surrender the physical world to devote themselves strictly to the Divine.  But for the rest of us, we experience the mundane life while trying to live it spiritually.  It teaches one to release and detach from emotions, and only see the Divine in every one.  To have unconditional love, and to yield.  And trust me, that is all higher chakra energy, and it is a super high and feel good energy.  You’re feeling so much ecstatic love energy, you miss a lot of other emotions.

To me, our EGO exists for a reason, as it allows us to stick up for our self and not become a door mat.  Over operated, it can be a separation from others, including Divinity.  You have probably seen something like this floating around on social media “EGO = Edging God Out. And yes, over operating  the EGO can do just that.  This three letter word can also help you with self love, teaching you how to show respect for all things.  It is a two sided coin, a duality.

In my ascension journey, I had some truly awesome experiences that have helped me in many ways.  One of the things was ‘self evaluation’, but this isnt strictly just for this path, it is with many.  When one walking the Goddess Path, we are forced, just like Goddess Inanna, to sacrifice those material things that hold us back.  We are forced to look into the mirror of the void, and allow it to look within us.  The worst demons we will ever face, is those that we create.  These challenges are the ones that will make us or break us, forcing us at the feet of the Great Goddess in complete surrender.  So that inner work isnt just limited to new age journey.  I was riding that wave high, to a point where I found myself literally disconnected to just about everything. I believe in reincarnation, and I feel that we choose to reincarnate for various reasons.  The most important reasons is to “Have the Human Experience”.  Yes, I believe we come here to experience all there is to experience, taste the different taste, feel emotions….good or bad.  To deeply love, and to be deeply heart broken, this is the beauty of Life.  We exist is a space that has duality.  Why even be here if you can not live it and taste it?

You see we have a swing here, from one extreme to the other.  The pendulum swings.  But you see, the answer to it is moderation.  Feeling the feelings, but having enough control to not let them consume you.  We work to gain a balance, a harmonic flow of energy.  If you’re here to experience, why are you trying to vibrate yourself to a different realm?  Are you escaping something you should be facing?  When we are concentrating on those higher energies, it can separate us from our reality, sliding the veil of illusion over your eyes. When this happens, we can limit ourselves to other wonderful experiences that could happen in our lives (some refer to them as challenges).  It is good to detached from ill-willed energy, but we must not detach our self to the physical world we live in.  We must pull on both energies to create that harmonic energy.

Harmonic balance will be found if you just allow the pendulum to rest.


Sirona Rose




Pisces New Moon ~ Solar Eclipse



New Moon in Pisces on 2/26/2017 with a solar eclipse.

This is a very intense time and the eclipse only adds to this energy.  Pisces likes us to go in…deep within the recesses of our soul and do some much needed self evaluation.  This is an excellent time to rid yourself of old, toxic behavior/relationships, put an ending to things that are no longer needed.  Pisces is the 12 sign and house, so it is a completion.  To me, it is the sum of all the signs put together, encouraging us to pull from that combined energy inside and create the life that we want.  Pisces is a water sign and it can be a bit dreamy.  Remember, Pisces planet is Neptune and this energy can get you lost in the fantasy world.  During our swim in the Piscean waters, we can become acutely aware of our energy.  During this “inner” time, we examine where we are giving our power away.  We are forced to gain clarity by asking our self “are we facing reality or am I just living in a fantasy?”.  We may want to see a certain thing a certain way as we are being led by our emotions, and this can get us off our center and into choppy waters.  You see, Pisces’ deep waters are like the in-between time.  It is a place where time and space just disappears, it is like the abyss of the Great Mysteries, it connects us to the Divine Source.  During this time, past life remembrance can be trigger as well.  So pay attention to synchronicities.  This is also a time to really tap into our intuitive abilities, as the psychic energy is heightened.  Your Soul is always talking to you, but do you listen?  

Pisces wants to to go inward in order to be able to truly connect to our Soul.  It wants us to really look at things for what they are, not what we want them to be.  We can’t keep trying to escape to our fantasy world, all the stuff will still be there, and probably worse, when you get back.  This escapism sabotages our life, creating obstacles in our life.  Many times we keep going through the same things over and over because of our unwillingness to go inward and do our work.  Thus, we stay in our reality becoming a victim to our own sabotaging ways.  There is an energy of deception here, so be aware. It is very important right now to have complete clarity on what is going on right now.  Just look at these planets in Pisces…..  

Mercury- Pisces

South node-Pisces

Sun moon-pis

Neptune, ruling planet in Pisces…very powerful

Pallas Athena-pis

Chiron- pis

The MAJOR focus here is looking deep within our self, healing the past, leaving the past behind, and discovering what exactly is holding you back from where you would like to be.  Helping you get rid of those self defeating patterns.  This energy really taps you into the emotions, and teaches you that you need to be in control of your emotions, instead of the other way around.  What we are looking at here is Self Mastery.  When we are self mastering our self, we are not giving our energy away any longer.  We are in fact taking our energy back.  We have to start seeing these road bumps as an opportunity for growth, work through them to find the clarity.  

Pisces ends around Ostara (Spring Equinox) when the feminine and masculine energies are equal, just in time for that new beginnings!  

POINTS:  Go deep down and undercover what you’ve been hiding, what are you not doing that you want to do, time for endings, completion, stop giving your power away, take your power back, what is holding you back, how are you self sabotaging your life (fix it), endings bring beginnings so plant your seeds wisely, have clarity, be aware deception is in the air, learn Self Mastery, envision the life you want/path you want to take and take it!  .  

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose


Our Mother is Waking Up


Words have meaning, they have a certain vibration and I feel we tend to forget this.  When we are having our Sabbats/holy days, we do our best to carry on with how our ancestors once did.  But do we truly take in the real reasons they did what they did.  This morning I have a beautiful rising of the sun.  I do love this in between time, as communication to so loudly heard.  The owls were still out, the birds were beginning to wake up, its that time between the inhale and exhale…exhale, inhale.  It rained last night, so every thing were cleansed and fresh.  As I looked over the fields next to me, after the sunrise, you could see as the Sun shined sweetly upon our land, Mother is waking up.  We love this time, as we able have to plant seeds and have great bounties.  We are coming out of the cold, into the warmth.  But you know, it is always a good thing when Mother wakes up?  Isnt that when the work truly begins?


As I sat with the sunrise this morning, feeling the stillness of the in between times, I found myself in the company of the Old Man.  There are many who claim to walk the path of the ancients, but how many truly walk it?  What if you were presented with the gift of being able to stand out side of it all and observe what is happening?  What if you were given the opportunity to see the unfolding of paths in front of you?  Past, present and future happenings before you at the same time?  To see all that is, and nothing at all?  Would you accept that responsibility and walk forward on to that path?


I am from the South, so when I think of pigs, sow, (and there are wild boar here as well as pig farms), I think of BBQ.  Cant help it, there’s a BBQ joint around pretty much every corner here.  So on my journey home this morning, 3 baby sow presented themselves to me.  They were fat and healthy and happily eating the grass.  Now my Celtic heritage teaches me of the Sacred Sow.  The Ancient Celts honored the Sacred Sow as the Mother Provider Figure.  Manannan owned a heard of pigs that never dwindled, they were forever replenishing their numbers.  These sow were killed and cooked each day for the Feast of Age, an Otherwordly feast for Gods.  These same sow were then found the next day alive and whole, symbolizing spiritual nourishment.  Whoever ate at this Feast of Age was given the gift of immortality.  Thus the sow became a figure of abundance.  The Sacred Sow was also associated with Ceridwen and Phaea, both fertility moon Goddesses.  They represented great strength, and the boar often represents a great warrior.  The boar represents the South/fire and is connected to the life giving power of the sun. The boar was considered a great prize for the Celts, besides feeding their clann, the boar acted like a spiritual guide leading the warrior-hunter on quest to the Otherworld.  The Book of the Dun Cow, it speaks of the voyage of Maeldun journey to the tenth otherworld island, “The Island of the Fiery Swine”.  This island was inhibited by red pigs that feed on apples (otherworldly food).  So, in conclusion, the boar/sow/pig is connected to the Otherworld as well as meaning fertility, nourishment, life-renewing.  Which leads me to the number 3 which is about expansion, when two people come together they make a third.  In numerology is is about bounty as well as abundance.  In my path, I know the 3 represents the triple Goddess, the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.  There were 3 Fates as well.  Three is also associated with the Goddess Hecate, Goddess of the Three Paths.  Her kingdoms were three fold, the earth, sea and sky.  She is the ‘will-o-the-wisp’, holding a torch to help you see on our journey.  Hecate is also associated with Samhain (end of the year, a time for our ancestors that have past), and of course, pork is the main dish served.


Since I do not believe in coincidence, as every day and every thing we do is..well magic (manifestations), I am taking this message to heart.  The day has just began, and I already fill that my cup runth over…I feel the hand of the Great Goddess upon me.  These, to me, as very good omens.  I feel the Great Mother awakening, upon the earth and within myself. The work will be worth it!



Sirona Rose

Kali Yuga, It’s Importance Now


With all the negativity that is in the world right now, it got me to searching and of course diving in astrology, trying to get an idea of what exactly is unfolding here.  We all know that in 2012, our earth shifted and is now on the other side of the Milky Way.  We have seen some beautiful happenings in our stars, watched history in the making. But these turbulent times, it made me remember something that I read years ago when I was studying the year 2012.  In the Indian epic The Mahabharata it speaks of the  four ages/cycles the earth goes through.  As of now, according to the Yuga doctrine, we are in the last of the four ages/cycles, the Kali Yuga, the age of the demon, discord, strife, or commonly called the Age of Darkness. This is associated with the The Holy Science 1894, it states that the complete Yuga Cycle is a total of 24,000 years and it is comprised of an ascending 12,000 year cycle and descends into a decreasing 12,000 year cycle.  As we leave the 12,000 year descending cycle, we gradually increase into the 12, 000 year ascending cycle.  In the Mahabharata, it describes the Kali Yuga cycle as a period when the “World Soul” is black, and only a quarter of virtue remains, and it will descend until it reaches zero.  This is a time of anger, disease, fear, a time where change will wash over all things with no exceptions.  


The Kali Yuga is referred to as the Iron Age, and is preceded by Satya/Krita Yuga (Golden Age), Treta Yuga (Silver Age) and the Dwapara Yuga (Bronze Age).

The Yuga Cycle doctrine tells us that we are now living in the Kali Yuga; the age of darkness, when moral virtue and mental capabilities reach their lowest point in the cycle. The Indian epic The Mahabharata describes the Kali Yuga as the period when the “World Soul” is Black in hue; only one quarter of virtue remains, which slowly dwindles to zero at the end of the Kali Yuga. Men turn to wickedness; disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish and fear of scarcity dominate. Penance, sacrifices and religious observances fall into disuse. All creatures degenerate. Change passes over all things, without exception.

In another ancient religion, the Zoroastrians believed that the world lasts for 12,000 yrs and it is divided into four equal ages of 3,000 years.  And a Mexican source that was discovered, called Codex Rios (Codess 3738 and Codex Vaticanus A), states the ages last 4008, 4010, 4801, and 5042 years for a total of 17,861 years.  It is very compatible to the Yuga as it is laid out as :

  • Satya Yuga (Golden Age): 4000 years + 400 years dawn + 400 years twilight =4800 years
  • Treta Yuga (Silver Age): 3000 years + 300 years dawn + 300 years twilight =3600 years
  • Dwapara Yuga (Bronze Age): 2000 years + 200 years dawn + 200 years twilight = 2400 years
  • Kali Yuga (Iron Age): 1000 years + 100 years dawn + 100 years twilight = 1200 years

One thing I have noticed is that in these ancients texts, there are many similarities.  Many would argue that we really repeat our history, hinting that we really aren’t growing, but just repeating our same mistakes.  In every religion or civilizations you read close to the same happenings of earth.  A great flood is but one example.

What I have been seeing unfold in this world is bringing me to the conclusion that, yeah, we may just in fact be in the ending of the Kali Yuga.  Our world seems to be uncertain of what good morals are, and even to some extents, what is right and what is wrong.  But is this a “new” thing?  No it’s not, considering we have been in this Dark Age for quite a long time.  With the end of the Kali Yuga being the year 2025, it appears we have a way to go.  With all this said, I do believe in hope, and I do believe that we can encourage more of a peaceful energy.  Unfortunately, things do get worst before they get better, because there has to be order made from this chaos in order for it to get better.  We shall see….

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose

© 2/20/2017

Leo Full Moon



Leo Full Moon
February 10, 2017
7:32pm EST

Happy Snow Moon! This is our 3rd full moon during our winter cycle, and it is in fun loving, sunny Leo. We also have a penumbral lunar eclipse with our full moon accompanied by a comet (45P/Honda-mrkos-Pajdusakova). This is a completion of the energy from the solar eclipse back in September 2016. I will say upfront that there is a lot of fire and air (creation) in the stars this full moon, so you will have to work at grounding yourself.
We just had Imbolc, the stirring of the Earth, and now are headed into Ostara which is the Spring Equinox, a rebirth, and is when the light and dark (Goddess and God) are equal. Creation and emotional energies are brewing. Just be alert, the moon will go VOC (void of course) from 5:52am – 1:51 pm as she moves into the astrological sign of Virgo. At this time, you should avoid moon work, as it is a still time. There is a lot going on so I will do the reading in a separate message. .
Let’s talk about this much needed penumbral eclipse. Eclipses are doorways that help you transform, change, or shift your life to go on the energy path you want. This energy, along with the release energy of the full moon, will help us put an end to what is going on now, opening us up to new beginnings. Eclipses are a very transformative time. This energy can take you out of your current situation and put you into one that you never expected…or even thought of, but it will be beneficial to you and you will be where you need to be.
Change can be scary to many, as it triggers our fear emotion. As scary as “change” may sound, you can trust this energy. This energy will be pulling us in the direction that we need to be in now, for specific reasons. If something needs to be gone from your life, if you dont release it, things will unfold and it will fall away. Eclipses do act like teachers. This marks the first of the eclipses this year. Enjoy the unfolding, as we want the highest possible good, so think about the bigger picture. You will have to deal with that you’ve been putting off, as this is a time that can bring about great change, in ways it may feel as if magic at play here.
Leo is now taking center stage, the king of the jungle, and this energy will help you stand up for yourself, to trust in yourself. The sun and moon are in opposition which will bring us heightened emotions and the lunar eclipse will enhance this energy and will also open the door for a change in this area as well. Jupiter (retro in Libra) is in opposition with Uranus (Aries) and this set the stage for a big opportunity for transformation.
I have mentioned transformation several times in this astrological energy reading, because it is making itself known. The thing about transformation is that it brings change. Many fear change because of the uncertainty it brings. We are pushed out of our ruts, into the unknown. Thus, we see this “unknown” as chaos or wrong. We must remember that order does come from chaos, but focus is needed. When we resist the change/transformation, we see this as upheavals and tend to put negative connotations on it. But these upheavals can allow us to truly see why the transformation is needed, and allowance is key here. Now, with this energy, many may be feeling out of control and un-grounded, but this is just fear playing with your emotions. Remember as I stated above, it is is an emotional energy here and can allow much healing to take place. Our challenge, is to turn that upheaval energy into elevation, shifting us into a higher level of consciousness. The trick is to allow the change, what we resist, persists. We have to see bigger pictures, and Jupiter reminds us of that. We have to fully understand and comprehend what an ending is… just leads to a new beginning. You can not have a new beginning when you bring in the energy of the past. When we surrender to the divine flow, we are better able to manifest the path we want. Taking something negative and turning it around to use it as a positive is the one trick many miss. Let the worn-out, old energy die, walk through the doorway of transformation, use the resources you have to elevate. Remember to ground, ground, ground….there’s not going to be any help astrologically.
Release what needs to be released, and walk through the door way of possibilities. Turn the chaos, focus it on the energy of higher consciousness.
Full Moon Blessings,

Sirona Rose


Energetic Balance


The rise of the Divine Feminine has really been of the focus since 2012, all the while putting down the patriarchal society.  And of course there has been many writings on how we must balance these energies inside us.  But what we do not hear is that the patriarchal society was operating at it’s negative essence.  Every year is a learning experience, and as we live more, we learn more.  When I did dedicate myself to the Divine Goddess, I was not expecting the Divine God to show up. The Divine Goddess is our Mother, she’s immortal, nurturing, loving, caring…all inclusive. I was thinking maybe I would just fall into a lush flower garden, play with the fae, learning their magic…… conversing with the ancients, letting them share with me their ancient knowledge….. you get my drift.  Imagine my surprise when that boundary loving Divine God energy engulfed me?  Day by day, it seemed, I was bombarded by challenges that forced me to draw my boundaries…very deep.  I never understood what a doormat I had become, how wounded I was to allow other’s to take advantage of me.  He made me draw my sword and fight him, show him what I AM.  He challenged me at just about every point, and I have the scars to prove it.  But the most important lesson he taught me is that every thing has limits.  We are living in a world with certain laws; such as the law of gravity, cause and effect.  People will treat you exactly the way you allow them to treat you, you set your level of self respect.  Action is very important, you must go after what you want.  I am truly grateful for the experience and I know its not over, as it has just begun.

Just as his energy has been misused, the Divine Goddess energy can be as well.  We can not be so allowing as to endanger our loved ones.  Many speak of the yin/yang, masucline/feminine energies must be balanced, but can they truly be?  As we know, masculine and feminine will never be equal, as one spreads the seed and the other brings life to that seed, bringing it into existence. Without action, there is no manifestation. In this world, with some exceptions, there is either males or females.  And in nature, there is no true balance, it’s more of a harmony.  Look at cats, dogs, and many other animals; when the go in heat, they will normally have more than one partner at one time.  Now how is that balance?  For me, I am a female and I acknowledge my masculine energy, but when it comes down to it, I am more feminine.  Sure, there are times I may act in the masculine, but I will feel better in the feminine. Focusing on “balance” doesn’t necessarily behoove us, as it will cause more friction as there is always a tugging and because we are all different.  Focusing on “harmony” allows a smooth exchange between the energies.  Observe nature in her rawest form, there has to be a flowing harmony.  We must be very conscious of the verbiage we use, as it does carry it’s own energy as well.

The pendulum is swinging, from one side to the next.  It may feel like it’s spending a long time at one end, but rest assured, it will swing back.  This swinging will happen until it finally rests in the middle.  Yes, it will still gently be swaying both left and right, but it will be in a harmonious sway.

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose

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