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March 2017

The Gift Empathy

Good morning Starshine! Happy Thankful Thursday!

So I am sure we’ve all heard the word “empathy or empathic”.  There so so many memes and quotes out there of being an empath you probably ask yourself if everybody is….well yes, to a certain degree. 

The word Empathy is known as a phenomenon where you experience, sense and absorb the emotional energy of another person, animal, or environment. Now this gift can lead to depression and confusion for many that have problems controlling it, but it can also lead to deep levels of healing within yourself. We can use these experiences to explore our emotions, and become more emotionally aware.  Empathy is deeply embedded in our biology, as it is a  true gift that connects us to other living beings.  This mirroring of our brains neurons, Empathy, is called emotional contagion. By getting control of our emotions allows us to become aware of our emorional responses as well.  

This practice takes us inward, helping us gain self awareness.  And by leanring to control it, we can actually use it to help us manifest that which we want. 


Sirona Rose


Aries New Moon 2017

Happy Aries new moon!  This is an awesome new moon as we are going into the Aries season, so yes action, growth, are enhanced. Plus, we just had the Spring Equinox.  A friend of mine and I were talking about this, and yea we do like to play the Devil’s Advocate at times, and we began to look at this more in depth. Aries usheres in the energy of FIRE, the spring, the push of new growth. And you can read about all the newness this new moon brought in ask over the net. And as this new growth, new opportunities can be very exciting,  it can distract us from what is needed first. When the moon is dark, we go inward, and in this inward time, we get presented things that we may not like  (especially looking in the mirror).  We must understand that new beginnings, mean endings. This is one area we are not always ready for….endings.  They can come in may ways, but it is what we must shed in order to grow, do better, to allow that which we are trying to accomplish. This moment isnt always smooth sailing, as we are moving in to new waters. As we shift into this new season, at this new beginning time, allowing the new unfolding.  Also, keep in mind that Mars, Aries’s planet,  used to be the planet for Scorpio, before Pluto was discovered, so expect to feel some dredging up of some kind.   Scorpio is ALL about transition,  and with this fresh fertile energy, you my change jobs, relationships, move, even give an old relationship another try. There is an energy of not settling anymore, and really going for what you want.  You just have to decide what you really want.  Here, YOU are tge key.  Aries says “I AM”, so what are you? Heads up here, this energy can be very sexual, so flings could be in the air. So be cautious if that’s not what you want. It will behoove you to tap into some creative energy, garden, use this energy to have fun manifesting.  Dont let Scorpio’s echo keep you in the deep pool of emotions. It’s time for action!


Sirona Rose🌙

Daily Goddess Reading

Today my Goddess Tarot called to me. For some reason, music was I my heart during this reading.

The card I pulled is 6 of STAVES, with KUAN YIN on the bottom of the deck. In order to get to our goal, achieve what we want, do that which is in our best interest, we must first sacrifice all that keeps us back. We’ve all heard that its near impossible for 2 different energies to occupy the same space. Taking that statement, we are told that to have better, we must do better. If we want to grow, we must be willing to come out of our comfort zone and flow with the energy of change. This is the only way, that is if you really want to achieve that which you desire. 

For some reason this had been coming up alot. 

Let’s ask ourselves why?  Are you fighting against the current, or riding the tide to help you get where you want to be?  Or do you really want it? Are you making excuses for yourself?  

Take responsibility, and be the maker of your happiness. 


Sirona Rose🌙

Spring Equinox 

The card I pulled for the Spring Equinox is SURRENDER TO THE FLOW. I know for me, this is a challenge. When we are trying to make things work, sometimes we become so controlling we dont allow the full unfolding of that which we are manifesting. There comes a time when we have done all the work we can, then we just have to set back and allow things to unfold. When we feel like we are hitting dead end after dead end, this is a clear indication to take a step back and just allow.  

The message this equinox is to step back, understand trying to control limits the outcome. You cant control everything, and thats okay. Surrender, step back, and have trust and faith that things will manifest for your Soul’s highest purpose. 

Many blessings, 

Sirona Rose🌙

Spring Equinox

Happy Spring Equinox!  Today we celebrate the first day of Spring.  It is a beautiful day here in South GA and I hope you you are having a beautiful day as well.  

Looking at the chart, we can see the Sun entering Aries, it is at 00 degrees this morning at 6:39am this morning.  Venus is in Aries, and retrograde, at 8 degrees as well as Mercury.  Uranus is still hanging out in Aries as well.  

As you can see, there is a lot of Aries energy happening and many of you have been feeling this new surge of energy.  We are exiting out of Pisces, the deep waters of the emotions and entering into Aries, the pioneer, the action.  When Venus is in Aries, sensual energy is strong, physical appearance will be important, and you can be put off by sloppy, vulgar attitudes.  There is a bit of aggressiveness, as well as a bit of sentimental energy.  There is a restlessness, and flirtatious energy in the air.  Now it is retrograde (until April 15th), and this means review, re-evaluate…re-do.  Dont be surprised if you have lovers/relationships from the past to make themselves known. During this time, revisiting of relationships will show you where you have grown, and where you have not.  Some times this means a new beginning for a past relationship, being able to work things out,  or this re-connection could be a sort of tryst. 

For Aries, this energy can promote more thought of self, not in selfish ways, but more in ways of redefining self, even wanting or creating a new image for yourself.  

Venus is known as the Morning Star, so is Lucifer and Jesus, this adds to the energy of self-love/care.  During this journey we may find our self asking ourselves:  ” Am I doing what makes me happy and brings me pleasure? Am I who I want to be and am I becoming who I want to be? Am I standing in my own truth and moving in the direction of the things I want?”  When she comes out of retrograde, she will be going into Pisces and in this position she is exalted…meaning she is shining bright.  IN this position she is able to connect with Universal energy smoothly, with out some of the ego that Aries can emit.  Think of this time as bathing in spiritual waters.  This will be a journey of self-love and nurturing.  

Happy Equinox!

Sirona Rose

Snake Medicine 

Being raised in a Southern Baptist home, I was pretty much taught snakes were evil…the whole tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden thing. Of course, as I grew older, did my own studying, I figured out how wrong that thought was. I was taught in my Shamanic studies how powerful snake medicine is and how important its medicine is to the world. Snake medicine can be considered scary because it jerks us out of our comfort zone in to the sea of change. As the snake sheds its skin, so must we. 

In Tantra, I was taught of the snake, or the coiled serpent,  that sits at the bottom of the spine…also known as the Kundalini, primal life force energy,  or the Shakti. You see, Snakes have been used for a millenia (honored and feared) to represent the life force or universal energy. The Kundalini is illustrated as two serpents intertwined around one another as they climb the spine. Interestingly enough, the shape of the serpent coupling is nearly identical to the design of double helix DNA.

Snake medicine has taught me a lot about myself. Enlightening me to my shadow,  taking me to dephts unknown. Snake reminds me that all things must change, and its best to leave what isn’t needed in the past. We must first feel that discomfort to know that we need to grow. Sometimes these experiences are quite difficult, at times changing our lives completely.

During this time when St Patrick’s death is remembered, I think of how he ran the “snakes” out of Ireland. While I know “snakes” meant Pagans, I often go to my teachings of the snake. I remember what snake represents. If he chased snakes out of Ireland, was he in fact chasing life force energy out? Growth? Transformation…..healing?  


Sirona Rose🌙

Time to Ground


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We all feel it….the changes coming . We feel the wheel beginning to shift. Todays message is TIME TO GROUND. We are all dealing with this craziness going on, we are feeling this chaotic energy affecting everything. Stresses can get the better of you at times, remember to breathe and ground. It is time for us to sink down within our Mother and allow her to heal us. The spring equinox is right upon us, our physical work will begin, and hopefully those seeds you planted will really make themselves known. But for now, reconnect with Mother Gaia, feel her energy soaring through your veins. Go spend some time in nature…take a moment…listen to the wind… center.
Sirona Rose

Waxing Cancer Moon

Tomorrow the waxing Moon will be in Cancer. Remember,  this can heighten our emotions. 

Did you know its better to color your hair during a waxing moon? The color stays longer. Also, this is a good time to get a massage and to care for the self naturally. Eating leafy foods, greens, is a good way to self nurture and the leaf is a water plant as well. 

Love yourself to heal yourself!


Sirona Rose  🌙



The Greek version of Adonai “The Lord “, was a castrated savior-god whose love-death united him with Aphrodite, or Asherah, or Mari. In Jerusalem his name was Tammuz. 

Adonis was born in Bethlehem  and was the son of Virgin Myrrha, a temple woman or heirodule. Myrrha was a symbol of the Lord’s death, he then returns to his Great Mother, the sea, Aphrodite-Mari. Alexandrian priestesses celebrated the event by throwing the gods image into the sea.  Syrian Adonis died at Easter time, with the flowering of the red anemone, supposedly created from his blood. Its named is derived from his title Naaman, “darling”.  He was also called the Beautiful God. 

Castrating the god was likened to reaping the grain, which Adonis personified. His rebirth was sprouting from the womb of the earth. Each year sacred pots called kernis, or “Gardens of Adonis” were planted with wheat or millen, and allowed to sprout at Easter. 

Adonis died and rose again in periodic cycles, like all gods of vegetation and fertility. He was also identified with the sun that died and rose again in heaven.

Orphanic hymn says “Thou shining and vanishing in the beauteous circle of the Horae, dwelling at one time in gloomy Tartarus, at another elevating thyself to Olympus,  giving ripeness to fruits”.  

~The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G Walker

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