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April 2017

Oracle Message of the Day

Good morning Starshine!


Venus just came out of retro in Pisces, so yes emotions can be high, but can lead to great healing. I’ve been hearing to slow down a minute and allow yourself to listen and see what is going on. Sometimes, we may not have all the answers,  so we must sit back and watch. Pay attention to all that is unfolding, know that there is a bigger picture and you’re only seeing a little part. Be mindful of all that is happening around you,  listen to your intuition. Through listening to your inner voice, we may be introduced to new ideas, new knowledge and maybe even a new awareness. 

The only way you will be able to listen to your inner voice, your intuition, is to be still.  The Goddess/Spirit can not speak to you while you’re running around in the rat race.  Slow down! Be silent……listen. 

Many blessings, 

Sirona Rose


Waning Moon in Scorpio 

I hope every one had a great full pink Libra moon.  Lady Luna peaked at her height at 2:08 am est on the 11th, and slipped into the mystical sign of Scorpio at 6:42 pm est that same day.  The Great Lady is in her waning phase.  Here, we want to be very careful in our communications in our relations, as this Scorpio energy can add a dash of chaos.  Remember, in the report I did for the full moon, I wrote about looking deeper, and this energy will make you want to look deeper at things.  Scorpio represents the Occult, and that which is hidden…or in shadow, please remember this.  Scorpio moon energy can be emotionally intense, as well as getting intimate with our shadow.  Watch out for drama, and those that fed off of it. Control those emotions!

This energy will help you dive deep in the spiritual waters, helping us tune into our intuition.  Scorpio energy is all about transformation, so looking into the hidden could help you better pursue your dreams. 


Sirona Rose

Full Pink Moon in Libra


Sun:  Aries

Moon: Libra 

Mercury:  Taurus R

Venus: Pisces R

Mars:  Taurus

Jupiter: Libra R

Saturn:  Sagittarius R

Uranus:  Aries

Neptune:  Pisces

Pluto:  Capricorn

We are having our full pink moon in Libra, so our relationships will be illuminated.  We have all kinds of relationships, from casual, associates to deeply romantic ones.  As you can see we have several planets going retro, but do not fret my pet, we are going through a birth so let’s use this energy to the best of our abilities.  You may feel pulled in different directions, going with the flow can help here.  

Venus, our planet of love, is going into Pisces still in retrograde (since the beginning of March), so many of you might have felt that energy shift.  When Venus was in Aries, there was a bit of a forceful energy, one of movement, going forward.  We moved from fire, to water.  As she slips into Pisces, we will feel the aggressiveness go into compassion, and receptiveness.  This is a gentle energy, and at this moment is very much needed.  

Along with Venus, we have Chiron and Neptune in Pisces as well.  Venus and Chiron, can produce a very powerful healing energy, this goes into healing old deep wounds.  We have to heal the old archaic ways that do not honor life, and heal the damage that this energy has caused.  

Pluto and Uranus have been square since 2012, and this placement causes a lot pressure.  This placement happened in the mid to late 60s.  Uranus rules Aquarius, and has been in freedom loving Aries for 7 yrs, it is actually helping birth the Aquarian Age.  

Pluto in Capricorn is heavy energy, and is about complete control.  This square pushes against each other.  Capricorn dredges up the past,  while we are coming into a new conscious age.  

Jupiter in Libra retro energy is making us looking at relationships, helping us change by outside influences as well as teaching us how to be in relation to each other.  

I want to really touch on this Venus and Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius dance. As I stated above, deep healing.  Saturn is our father, he teaches us about laws, rules, laws and boundaries; all while Sagittarius is about natural freedom. Pisces is about oneness, while Saturn/Sag teaches us about natural law. As we grow, we are reminded that there are natural limits in our world.  Our morals and limits are tested here.  This placement of these planets are urging us to find the deeper meaning here, look for the bigger picture. We like to follow the advice of all the new age gurus saying live in the now, but we having to consider the future as well…this is where some moderation comes in.  We can not go from one extreme to another, We have to find a balance, there are deeper meanings here and we cant be afraid to see them.  Growth and expansion can happen, but we can’t have the energy shooting out in all kinds of different directions.  Its not easy making hard decisions, because those hard decisions are what defines you.  We are being forced to look at things that are outdated, questions our morality, boundaries, and our consciousness.  Please seek the deeper truth, the bigger picture.

We have to understand that we are birthing our self into the Aquarian Age.  On the Winter Solstice 2012 our planet moved to the other side of the Milky Way…our planet shifted.  Many can try to deny this, but there are certain truths you can’t deny…like the moon effect to the Earth.  Bringing in a new energy is not always easy, as we get fearful when our security blankets are threaten.  But in order to have that wonderful change we are seeking, we must first deal with the old ways that begin exposing themselves.  As we are growing, we have to be reminded there are limits…natural laws.  The deeper truths can only be found in natural law.  We have to understand the value of these boundaries, within our self, relationships, and environment.   Remember, 2017 is a 1 in numerology, new beginnings, as we have been experiencing Uranus in Aries is giving birth to the Aquarian Age, there is a bigger picture here. We have to consciously evolve.  


Solar Return


I just had my birthday/solar return, and it is falling on a 7 year so this is a bit heavy for me.  I dont mean in a bad way, just one of “it’s time to get off ya booty” type feeling.  I feel the transitions a’comin.  When the Goddess works on you, there are things that happen that you just dont get at the present time, but as you allow the unfolding, makes perfect sense.  When I surrendered to my path, stop fighting and trying to deny who I am and my gifts for that matter I felt the roots dig deep.  I speak of roots a lot, because they are important for us.  That is one reason so many appear to be flopping around like a fish out of water…they do not have roots.  I do not care what any one says, training in any path is a great thing, as it has truly made a difference in my life.  One thing you get is history… have to know the history of your path and the people.  Far too many times, I see people post false stuff about things they have no idea about.  Then when presented with facts, they say well I will believe my brothers and sisters…never mind what the truth is.  Training in the beginning and experience are two things that are necessary. You can have all kinds of Phds and be all kinds of book smart, but if you havent had the experience you really dont know how it actually feels and what it truly means to walk that path.  This goes for anything.  Would you want a doctor operating on you that wasnt trained??  Why would you treat your spiritual health the same way?  But thats another story….

So, here I am on this threshold of new beginnings, as well as endings.  I am seriously tired of being held back, especially by people I have to pull along.  It truly amazes at all the ideas I have pop into my mind, only having to figure out how to produce them and actually getting them on paper is a different story.  I love my path, and I want to share it and teach it with all who want to walk it.  It is not for every one, and that is perfectly OK with me. The Goddess calls her own.  With this solar return, I am very much feeling her changing me within.  I feel the need of caring less of what others think of me, and focusing more on me…not in the selfish ways, but on the gifts that I have and can offer to others.  Training to be a Priestess, you put yourself in a teaching role, and I am really trying my best to learn all that I can learn in order to serve the Goddess.

As I march on my path, I am seeing how others have taken sacred words and spread them across the ether as if they are nothing.  There has been a watering down of my path, with so many twisting and turning it to fit them and their needs.  How selfish can one be?  I have witness folks wanting us to change our over 300 yr tradition just to suit them, really??  This type of selfish attitude is slowing taking the traditions (training you will not get out of books) back under ground….and maybe that is what it will take. In order to preserve, we must keep secret.  The problems we run into is that we believe people will take things in consideration the way we do….and then we sadly learn they will not.

Soon I will walk through the threshold of my second degree, where I will accept my role as a teacher of my path. Then, it will be my job to preserve this Goddess path, it will be my role to correct the misinformed. Not that I know all, but a tradition is a tradition. Change is inevitable, yes, but the core remains the same. My tradition, just like many Pagan Celtic traditions, teaches one to look to nature.  I will honor the Great Goddess, the Divine Feminine and I will do my part to bring back the sanctity of the gift of being a woman.  Honoring my God, I will see the powerful role of protector the Divine Masculine emanates.  I will listen to the ancestors speak with me through the wind. I will honor my elders who have gone before me, sharing their knowledge and experience.  Watch her cycles, watch her other creations; how do they respond and interact with each other, what are their cycles, what is their place in this world?  Reconnect with Mother Earth and just watch what she will teach you!  Compare it to the world around you.


Sirona Rose

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