I hope every one had a great full pink Libra moon.  Lady Luna peaked at her height at 2:08 am est on the 11th, and slipped into the mystical sign of Scorpio at 6:42 pm est that same day.  The Great Lady is in her waning phase.  Here, we want to be very careful in our communications in our relations, as this Scorpio energy can add a dash of chaos.  Remember, in the report I did for the full moon, I wrote about looking deeper, and this energy will make you want to look deeper at things.  Scorpio represents the Occult, and that which is hidden…or in shadow, please remember this.  Scorpio moon energy can be emotionally intense, as well as getting intimate with our shadow.  Watch out for drama, and those that fed off of it. Control those emotions!

This energy will help you dive deep in the spiritual waters, helping us tune into our intuition.  Scorpio energy is all about transformation, so looking into the hidden could help you better pursue your dreams. 


Sirona Rose