unnamed (24)

He was amazing–as amazing as a young man who has only seen the world through the eyes of a traveled young man could be.  He was handsome, with his long dark hair and dark eyes that looked as if they were going to devour me.  Did I love him? Yes, but not in the “let’s spend forever together” type of love.  No, I knew that we had loved each other in previous life times.  Now, our souls were just connecting again.  And my goodness, they did just that.  He loved me, in the best way that he could; as he said to me “I dont know how to be with you except to worship you”, and I let him do just that. We would talk most of the night, we danced in his living room, he played his guitar and sang lullabies to me to gently soothe my Soul.  His fingers would gently touch my face, he would softly kiss my lips, breathing in my breath as I surrendered to his touch.  I could feel his energy rushing through his body, our hearts began to beat as one.  He led me into his temple, where he proceeded to worship me. Our energies and bodies entwined, ultimately becoming one, broke down the walls around our hearts and healed our weary Souls.  I knew from our very first connection that he would not be able to enjoy the vastness of my ocean for very long.  You see, at these depths, he could not swim, for he has never journeyed depths of this nature.  He was used to sitting with the Goddess, but not having her to completely engulf him in her unbridled passion.  This wasn’t his fault, as he was still growing and healing.  Through our energy that intermingled, we healed parts of our Soul that was lost and broken.  I do not think he saw the bigger picture of our relationship, as we did enjoy each other very much, but in the now.

As I sit here on my porch, watching the sun set, I am reminded of him.  I am reminded of the passion my fellow fire sign and I shared.  I miss his songs, the way the music just bled from his fingers.  Oh how he showed me that healing relationships are one thing, a strong, equal beloved is quiet another.  As he stood before me, towering above me, staring down with those hungry eyes, I knew that I was too much for this handsome dark haired young man.  Seeing his vulnerability completely exposed, I knew he would not be able to endure the unexpected storms and the relentless passion that worshiping his Goddess would demand of him to do.  He could only accept the healing, the sacred bonding that this relationship would provide, so he could move on down his path. He has great things ahead of him, he just first needed his soul washed cleaned…..as did I.


Sirona Rose

© 6/28/2017