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July 2017

The Priestess



I am just days away from the ritual, and I am feeling the butterflies.  As I swim through this experience, this is not a comfortable experience.  I literally feel out of control as times as I am going through this initiation.  Things are not feeling the same, and I am really looking at my life doing some self inventory.  I would run from this if I didnt think the Goddess would hunt me down… she has done several times before. She is relentless to her priestesses.  The call will not go away, and will haunt you during your waking and sleeping time.  So here I sit, stressed out from today and crying like a baby.  I literally feel like a weak one.  It was not a good day at all.  Getting woke up early in the morning, having guests that are unhappy on their tour, then seeing a kitten get hit by traffic…yea it just has been a swirl of craziness.

This degree really gets you in touch with yourself, deeply.  It is a birth..rebirth.  Witches are born from the inside out, their High Priestess is their midwife.  A massive transitioning is happening.  Plus this energy of the Age of Aquarius with all this energy…and solar eclipse coming!!  Wow every thing in Gaia is shifting, transforming…rebirthing its self.  I have been working myself to death, dodging the energy that is surrounding me.  I am just blowing through it will no care…well now it is truly making itself known.  I can not longer hide from those issues/challenges I just close my eyes too.  I am not be observant of what is truly going on around me.  I am refusing to give myself a moment of silence to deal with this…this change.  As I look deep in to my own eyes, I am made to see my Soul and well its not happy about some things.  I work constantly at keeping others happy and it has become my pain.  My writing muse has been dormant, and with drawn.  She used to sit beside me whispering delicious words of intrigue…now she is alone in her corner.  I long to put pen to paper (so to speak) and compose a wonderful story to inform, delight, connect, help, inspire, heal some one out there.  Now there isnt even an echo.  But now, as the emotions rush in, my fingers can not move fast enough. There’s so much to say and not enough words to say them. The bottom of the pond is being dragged.  The long lost things that were hidden under the carpet are making themselves known. I feel like I am being turned up side down and inside out. My priorities are changing and I am seeing how fragile life is…and how short. Being so stressed that I cant think straight, being unprepared for important things because I am going so fast in the work lane.  WOW for what really?  It’s just too much, it’s so much as fast and trying to do this that and the other.  Plus with everything else…like a hurricane.  I have to breathe, I have to live, and I have to BE.

I know that I will walk the path I am supposed to walk and I will be a vessel for the Goddess to be expressed in beneficial ways.  The work is just tough some times.  Uranus will be going retro in August as well as Mercury going into retro on August 12th..and the eclipse on the 21st!  A lot happening in the stars as well.  I am already feeling this Uranus retrograde, I feel the hidden being made known.  I am spinning too fast, I need to slow down a bit and feel this and heal it so it can move on.  As a Priestess of the Goddess there is a lot of responsibility that comes with that and the preparation is not easy…and I have only just begun.  I keep saying I cant see what’s coming, but I bet if I slowed down and took a breath I would see and hear it.  What is real and what is the illusion??  It is now making itself known..with great clarity.

So one more step closer to the date. I know things are okay, but I have to ground.  I am excited by this and I am ready to move on into my role.  Just have to remember to BE..and most importantly to breathe…


Sirona Rose


The Mirth of the Goddess

The Mirth of the Goddess

We’ve always heard that the mirth of the Goddess is vast many who walked the path only wish to see the loving, all inclusive Mother, the lover the sexual power is that she is. But even the mother has another side. We like to see the submissive type goddess because she is easier to understand.  She is the one we run to when we’ve had a hard day, the one home we wish to run to when all of the world seems bad. And yes she can be that, but there’s also another side of our Great Goddess that we must acknowledge. Artemis for example is the goddess of the hunt she’s related to Diana which is also the moon goddess goddess of the hunt. To only acknowledge one aspect is a great dishonor to the goddess as we must remember the womb and the tomb are one and the same. The first thing that we are taught when we are taught to heal is that in order to heal we must first know how to kill. Now many will take that to an extreme that one not needs to take things, and that is why this path isn’t for all. The teachings of the Goddess are very, very deep and not for the mere simple mind.

Let’s consider the Faerie Goddess Aine. Aine, daughter of the sea good Manannan, was known throughout Ireland as a healing Goddess offering herbal remedies but that was not all she was capable of.  Aine had many lovers that would be consumed by her passion. She had a stone called the Cathair, all that would sit upon it would lose their minds….after the third time, they would be completely lost.  She, although sexual and healing, had a vengeful side and did not easily forgive.  This is something the King of Munster, Oilill Olum, found out first hand when he raped her. As he raped her, she bit one of his ears off which made him incompetent to serve as king (as she knew).  As this beautiful diety was known for her healing, love, and sexuality; she had another side of her that many others aren’t ready to comprehend.  

When many take to this spiritual path, they only want to see the rainbows and lollipops, failing to see the polarity.  when we do not accept all aspects, we limit and cripple ourselves.  When you choose a path, you take on the energy of that path…in all of its essence.  

To become the Priestess of the Goddess, is not a thinkless thing to do, as much responsibility comes with it….that some can’t emotionally comprehend. Priestess are her vessels.  She will love and protect, as well as challenge. The Goddess knows her children, she will call to them but only few will hear her.  Those that do will be blessed beyond compare….

The Goddess’s Mirth is very vast.  

The Mysterious Wicca

Photo by Emily Belivet

As many of you know, I am a traditionalist, but I wasnt when I began my path. I believe in the ways of my ancestors, and I honor those that have paved the way for me.  My lineage is very old, and predates Gerald Gardner by many, many years.  People do call Gardner the “grandfather of Wicca” and most believe that to be that he invented it.  If so, how did he get initiated into it?  You can not give yourself something you do not have.  No, he just brought the practice to the forefront.  In his time, Witchcraft was still pretty much outlawed, so he had to write the books in more of a fanatical way.  You see, it wasnt until 1951 that the last laws against Witchcraft were appealed in England.  He brought to the public eye a beautiful path, one he greatly loved, to try and teach them of the old ways and that they were not “evil devil worshiping” peoples.  His book “The White Witch” was based on what he was practicing at that time. This day and age, the path has become tainted as many can not even tell you the basics behind this beautiful religion. Many want it classified as a religion because a walker of this path should have the same equal rights as any other religion.   Many will take a path and bend and twist it til it is a mixture of many other paths….thus watering them all down. And this can be a not so healthy thing to do, as mixing isnt always a great thing.  I, and many others, call it a religion as for the acknowledgement of the path.  To me, when the word “Neo” is placed before any of the Pagan paths, I begin to laugh as  well as become sad. I am sadden because I know that parts of the culture is being lost.  Many believe that you do not need training…that again is laughable.  Would you go to a heart surgeon and allow him to operate on you when he has never went to school to train to become a heart surgeon?  Like I have stated many time before, I was eclectic for 15 yrs.  I promise you, the knowledge you gain with working with a seasoned Witch (1 yr and 1 day) is priceless and you will learn so much more than reading a book. Books are great, dont get me wrong, but in books there are things left out and you will not gain the knowledge of having hands on training and direct attention.  I have watched many people self destruct on the path of magic, for magic is a living being and demands respect.  When Raymond Buckland came to America after his initiation, he began to teach this sacred path. Now, we should all know that this one man could not train the masses all by himself. This path takes time, as there are many trials and tribulations one will go through with the turning of the Wheel.  One thing we have to understand as well, is that not all are ready mentally to deal with the responsibility of this path.  Therefore, many became upset that Buckland wouldnt train them, they began to piece together this path with what they thought it was….ever heard of Rosemary’s Baby??  Even Gardner himself stated that the only problem with this religion was “there’s too many chiefs and not enough Indians”.  In the 80’s with Scott Cunningham’s book “Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner”, Wicca began to have more of a new-agey philosophy and thus the watering down began.  Self initiation was at the hands of the inexperienced and then Wicca split into Wicca and Neo-Wicca. In the beginning of my path, I did a self dedication and there is nothing wrong with that.  I will say that when I stood there with my HPS and dedicated myself to the Goddess, the ground shook.  Initiations are a bit different, you can not give to yourself that which you do not obtain.  I am an Elder Wiccan, so I do understand that Nature has blueprints.  The Goddess is all encompassing, but the God will not hesitate to show you the limits.  In nature there are defined laws, and whether we acknowledge them or not, they are playing in our life every day.  Many of us try to become deity it’s Self…and we are far from it.  You can be very enlightened, but you are still in this 3D human form so there for you are subject to its boundaries and faults. We can not come to the Goddess and expect her to bow before us, this is a path of challenge and one that will break down your societal views, peeling layers of the falseness to expose the true diamond you are within. When you expect a path to bend just for you, you miss valuable lessons and training that you will never be privy of as well as it being selfish.  Now-a-days, we have a lot of people running around making noise like little children not knowing where they stand, not rooted deep in their foundation.  My goal is to educate and help bring others back to their core.  Knowing our myths and history is very important…just look at the story of Narcissus as that could help many right now.

Please do not think that I am saying I am above, holier than thou , or this path is above any other.  I am for the preservation of the Wiccan Path (as many may be for their path), and I honor my ancestors that came before me to make it possible for me to even know of such a beautiful path.  This path isnt for the weak.  It isnt unicorns and rainbows.  This path is hard work, it is great responsibility, it is one that will tear you apart, but teaches you how to rebuild stronger and wiser.  This path is a way for us to understand how natural law works.  Witches walk between the worlds and are healers of the physical and spiritual as well as the Earth.  They are made from the inside out, and they are capable of (by learning the laws) of bending the will to create the environment they want.  There are many different definitions for Wicca, and none I have seen on other websites or even wiki-pedia and other definition sites even come close to its true meaning….so here it is:

Wicca is a Feminine Nature based Mystery Religion that requires training with 3 degrees of initiation and is Oath bound.  

We do go by the 3 fold law…which is entirely different from the true definition of Karma. We have to realize our words and understand their true meanings, as this is what messes up a lot of things.  Be conscious of what you say and do, as words and actions carry great energy.  My path is Traditional European Celtic Witchcraft and I will be training after Samhain.  If you would like to take this beautiful journey, you are more than welcome to look me up on FaceBook, SironaRoseOwl. I will be starting a learning circle.  Let’s bring the sacredness back to the Wiccan path.

Many Blessings,

Sirona Rose

© 7/3/2017

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