The Mirth of the Goddess

We’ve always heard that the mirth of the Goddess is vast many who walked the path only wish to see the loving, all inclusive Mother, the lover the sexual power is that she is. But even the mother has another side. We like to see the submissive type goddess because she is easier to understand.  She is the one we run to when we’ve had a hard day, the one home we wish to run to when all of the world seems bad. And yes she can be that, but there’s also another side of our Great Goddess that we must acknowledge. Artemis for example is the goddess of the hunt she’s related to Diana which is also the moon goddess goddess of the hunt. To only acknowledge one aspect is a great dishonor to the goddess as we must remember the womb and the tomb are one and the same. The first thing that we are taught when we are taught to heal is that in order to heal we must first know how to kill. Now many will take that to an extreme that one not needs to take things, and that is why this path isn’t for all. The teachings of the Goddess are very, very deep and not for the mere simple mind.

Let’s consider the Faerie Goddess Aine. Aine, daughter of the sea good Manannan, was known throughout Ireland as a healing Goddess offering herbal remedies but that was not all she was capable of.  Aine had many lovers that would be consumed by her passion. She had a stone called the Cathair, all that would sit upon it would lose their minds….after the third time, they would be completely lost.  She, although sexual and healing, had a vengeful side and did not easily forgive.  This is something the King of Munster, Oilill Olum, found out first hand when he raped her. As he raped her, she bit one of his ears off which made him incompetent to serve as king (as she knew).  As this beautiful diety was known for her healing, love, and sexuality; she had another side of her that many others aren’t ready to comprehend.  

When many take to this spiritual path, they only want to see the rainbows and lollipops, failing to see the polarity.  when we do not accept all aspects, we limit and cripple ourselves.  When you choose a path, you take on the energy of that path…in all of its essence.  

To become the Priestess of the Goddess, is not a thinkless thing to do, as much responsibility comes with it….that some can’t emotionally comprehend. Priestess are her vessels.  She will love and protect, as well as challenge. The Goddess knows her children, she will call to them but only few will hear her.  Those that do will be blessed beyond compare….

The Goddess’s Mirth is very vast.