The Wheel has turned again, and we find our self at Lughnasadh.  This is our first harvest season, the God is struck down.  Our Goddess, still pregnant, strikes the God down so his seed can sow and fertilize the Earth.   In essence, this is considered a fertility festival as well.  Many times, at this time, the Goddess really shows me the sacrifices…those things I put let go in order to go forward.  This year, I feel that it is a mixture of both.  I feel the sacrifice, but since it is my initiation weekend, I feel the bounty.  It is a time to begin looking back on things; what is left undone and what needs that extra push before the final harvest?  The sun is getting weaker and daylight shorter, and we have been blessed with a bit of a cool spell the past few days.  I can feel autumn begin to call.  This whole year seems as if it just flew by.  Not like on a roller coaster, although there have been ups and downs. This is like a raging river aching to reach it’s destination.  This river waits no one, and well it just simply cants.  The flow has been fast and swift, pulling you under at times.  There have been some breathers here and there, but mostly it has been relentless.

As I walked on the cool, damp grass this morning on Lughnasadh I can feel the change.  I know my job is to help that wheel turn.  We are coming out of one cycle, and into another.  I looked up at the sky, with the sun brightly peaking through the trees, and I think about the cosmos…As above, So below. We have some very interesting happenings in our heavens this month (August), if you didnt know. We have Lammas, which is today; followed by Uranus going retrograde on the 3rd, the ritual is on the 5th, the full moon in Aquarius is on the 8th, Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th and this whole time we have alignments going on that they call the finger of God.  See, a lot of energy there. And dont forget, we are at the very beginning of a new age, The Age of Aquarius.  So, as you see, as the cycles are changing here, they are changing above.  Change is a’comin for sure.

I do feel that sacrifice energy, but I am also feeling the energy of nourishment (part of the bounty).  Naturally at this time, we are feeling the dark months coming, so we are rushing around preparing for that time.  Our ancestors would be gathering food, storing it, preserving it, etc. But what are you preparing for?  How are you nourishing your body?  When we talk about nurturing our Self, this means nourishment as well…what are you feeding your body?  Are you keeping it in stress? Are you feeding it junk? Or, are you feeding it live, good, clean foods?  Our bodies heal, respond, and feel the way that we nourish them.  If we are staying stressed out eating fast food all the time, this is not a good thing. We must tend to our temple.  We are seeing a world full of sickness, our diet, our nourishment, to our bodies are very important.  But its not just food.  We are also seeing a world that has forgotten it’s past, that is more worried about physical things.  Instead of learning, we are turning a blind eye which will ensure that we will repeat the same mistakes. We care more about band-aiding a problem rather than fixing it.

So I ask you, how are you nourishing your body?  What will you be harvesting at this time?   Are you tending your fields, your Soul?  Sitting back and watching this year, I will tell you there are a lot of people out there not walking their talk.  I am including, as I am human and I do have to learn from the falls.  Those who preach peace and love, are showing themselves to be full or rage and anger.  What does that say?  You’re being called to the carpet, it’s time to take responsibility for your Self.

Happy Lughnasadh, and may you have a blessed harvest, nourishingly bountiful.


Sirona Rose🌙