Being a Witch has really become the “thing” lately.  With all the magical shows out there, Hollywood tells us that we can either wiggle our noses, or tap our heels together and miracles happen.  In reality, its a lot of work and sacrifice.  As we know, the Goddess doesn’t demand a sacrifice precisely, we have to understand that whenever we choose one direction, we sacrifice the other.  When you are a walker between the worlds, you really begin to comprehend the laws of the worlds.  Here in the physical, we do have them, ie the law of gravity.  Witches understand these laws, we understand that all things are in seasons/cycles, we know that the womb and the tomb are one in the same.

The path I follow is European Celtic Traditional Witchcraft, it is in the lineage of Wicca.  While there is much controversy of the age of the religion. I will say this, my lineage does go back very far in time, when the word Witch and Wicca used to be used as one in the same.  So what is Wicca you might ask?  Wicca is a feminine based nature religion, requiring training with 3 levels of initiation and is Oath bound.  We do believe in the 3 Fold Law.  We have 8 holy days, Sabbats. We do have solitary walk-abouts, but we generally practice with a coven.  We are healers of the mind, body, soul, and Earth.  By no means is this a fluffy path, as I may not send out harm to another, protection is a must.

This path is not one for the weak, for there are many challenges that will be presented at your feet.  We understand that healing can mean many things, at times, it means a passing from this world.  YouTube and books, will not answer all your questions, nor prepare you for the changes that you will endure…or offer you support.  There are many things that can only be taught by a seasoned Witch, as the Mysteries continue to unfold.  That’s why it good to study under a seasoned Witch for at least a year and a day. The Craft is a magical path, but it is also physical, as it requires action upon your part.  Being a Witch hold great responsibility, and is not passive, it will call you out.  Many will find her path, but not all will hear her call.  The Goddess knows her children. The path will not always be easy, but it is very rewarding.


Sirona Rose