Keeper of the Flame

Ghost Cow


The cow, in Celtic culture, is seen as a very sacred animal as it is associated with the Goddess Brigit. The cow represents motherhood, as it is highly connected to the Earth. Also, the milk was very sacred as well, as our ancestors depended on the milk to feed the new babies, as well as the human family as well. The cow represents Mother Earth, Gaia, and is associated with fertility, birth, nurturing, teaches us how to withstand the rough storms, compassion, and healing the soul. Cows are feminine lunar energy, the essence of the Divine Feminine.

So what about the Ghost Cow? The Ghost cow is the Crone version of the cow. I am constantly reminded by my HPS that the womb and tomb are one in the same. To explain that a bit, in the triad, Maiden, Mother, and Crone, the Maiden and Crone stand back to back. In our spiritual lives, if we are actually dealing with our issues, we are constantly dying and being reborn. Everything changes, seasons and cycles, its our only constant. So knowing all this, especially it being right about my solar and Saturn return, I knew change was once again a’knockin on my door. In my 2nd degree (going on 3rd), after having a wreck that completely changed my life, upsets and confusions in my job, my surgery (where I am physically marked on the throat), Ostara….and now a return.

The Ghost Cow tells us that the season has changed, there is another role (a rebirth) that is going to happen to you. Since regular cows are symbols of new life, here we have an ending to an old. Not a death where you are brand new, no this is one where you are lead through the underworld cleansing the soul of the fragmented baggage that the heartaches of the world will often leave a woman. She cleanses your soul so that you may grow and become your highest creative expression. She makes you look face to face with the oldness dying and falling away from you. She teaches you how this that you have outgrown, doesnt belong anymore. How long you stay there is entirely up to you, do you really want better? Many get stuck there, as they would rather roll around in their issues than to heal them and move past them. When you have dealt with your own issues, you are washed clean in the milky waters and spiritually rebirthed.

With your Soul healed, you can once again look at world with creative eyes. Live our lives in more understanding and compassion. With all this nurturing energy, she taught us that as we do and serve, we must also serve our mind, body and soul as well. We are walking with her message to embrace life and create at your highest expression.

Like , Death and rebirth..transformation.


Sirona Rose


Swamp Witch


Not too long ago I was having a conversation with someone about the swamps. She began saying how much she hated them, and just gave her negative energy….stagnant energy was just something she couldn’t take.  She later called me the Savannah Swamp Witch, and honestly I am not sure if that was a compliment or an insult. But rest assure, I took it as a compliment.

Anyone that has ever spent time in the swamp knows it is far from stagnant. There is so much going on it can very overwhelming. In our visual technology world we are used to everything right in our face. Whatever is happening, we see it in real time. In the swamp ,you have to look beyond the surface…deep, past that illusion of reflections. What looks still on top, is a bustling aquatic world underneath. From fish to alligators to plant life, a whole aquatic ecosystem thrives and grows, even changing with the cycles of Mother Earth.


There are many lessons this magical place offers, but the one I want to touch on is sight. We have 3 eyes, 2 to look amd one to see. Swamp magic teaches you to see. You can take your two eris amd look upon the happening around you, the physical or bow others want things  to appear. Then we have our 3rd eye that teaches us to truly see, to look deeper through the illusions, seeing beyond the facade of lies. And at times, those illusions are hard to process. During this time that I have had to take for self, the swamp has been working it’s magic on me. The veil has thinned did me, and I am seeing raw truths, and yes it is taking me a minute to take in.

Ostara has brought on some changes indeed, with March’s blue full moon coming, the ringing of change heralds through the universe. I don’t feel alarm, I feel difference….beginning of new energy.

True the swamp may not be for everyone, as the energy can be heavy, but it will show you things beyond what you could’ve imagined.

Enchanted Swamp Blessings,

Sirona Rose

Samhain, The New Year

a samhain bonfire

James Frazer wrote in his work The Golden Bough:

Of the two-feasts, Halloween was perhaps of old the more important, since the Celts would seem to have dated the beginning of the year from it rather than from Beltane. In the Isle of Man, one of the fortresses and which the Celtic language and lore longest held out against the siege of the Saxon Invaders, the 1st of November, old-style, has been regarded as New Year’s Day down to recent times. Thus Manx murmurs used to go around on Hallowe’en (old-style) singing and the Manx language, a sort of Hogmanay song which began “Tonight is New Year’s Night, Hogunnaa!”  In ancient Ireland, a new fire used to be kindled every year on Hallowe’en or the Eve of Samhain, and from this sacred flame all the fires and the Ireland were rekindled.

As we get closer to Samhain, I am really feeling the pull of the Otherworld. I like the dark time of the year, I feel there is a lot of healing that happens that we do not allow our self during our light months. Work takes our hands and down a road of mind-numbing sorts. Even with my job, that I love, it seems that many times it wants the front seat in my life. The Witch’s Year is coming to a close with the death of our God on Samhain, and this year alone has been so much change, revelations, and just eye-opener circumstances it really puts me beside myself. The shift has made me change perspectives on many things in my life. One relationship that I saw as healing, and loving was actually pretty abusive…wha?? Yep, control is quite a manipulator indeed and when used in the guise of love, you dont really see it coming. You see it as some one dearly caring about you. Yes, crazy huh?! I have noticed that a lot of people just dont know what the hell they are doing. Many like to set out and begin something they know nothing about, thinking they’ll learn it along the way failing to realize that, at many times, they doing more damage that good. From this, it has made me look at myself. The Ritual of Mirrors we proformed back in August set a whole bunch of things in motion. One drop in the water can cause great ripples, this is good to remember in your every day life as well. I have really learned to check myself first, before setting some one else straight. Healing, ah well this is a subject that has it’s own space in time. Even within myself, I came to notice how many wounded healers there are out there. People trying to help other people when they dont even have their own Self together, I had to include myself as well. You can not go straighten up some one else’s backyard when yours is a wreck! We like to think we are this and that, and in reality we are just trying to evolve ourself. And labels..what the heck? The ones who scream ‘NO LABELS” the loudest are usually the ones using the most of them. I am noticing a group of people that really like the victim role, choose to stay there instead of getting up, pulling up their boot-straps and getting the stuff done. So, yes, taking responsibility for myself was addressed. From my observation, responsibility isnt something every one wants to have, they would rather some one else save them or be to blame…”That ole’ devil is at it again!”  What if YOU are the devil? What if you make the demons in your life? Before we begin to point our fingers, we need to look in that mirror first. This year has seen a lot of death, even in my inner circle. An ending of one, and beginning of another…transformation. This year I have laughed, cried, hated, resented, loved, mourned, evolved..I have felt just about every emotion and have taken the lessons from them. I am now a writer in The Witch’s Brew Magazine, for which I am very proud of. I have been having dream about a HPS I used to work with…so more learning is coming. I am excited for the New Year and hope that it flows a lot gentler than this past one, but I feel it will not exactly. Remember that we are in a new Age, we are having to get adjusted.

Getting adjusted seems to be an understatement, but it is what it is. I am still in the sign of water, which is quiet overwhelming for a fire sign…I am either all steamy or going out of steam. Getting control of the emotions is a tricky thing, standing up for yourself while not looking like a dumbass takes practice. I am very thankful to the Goddess and God for the bountiful harvest I have received,and I look forward to the knowledge I will acquire during the dark months. I know this path is mine, for sure, and I am very happy I stopped running from the Goddess and just surrendered. My walk with the tarot still unfolds, and my healing work will never end. My body is a temple, I am a vessel for the Goddess…all is well within my Soul!


Sirona Rose



I figured that once you hit that mile stone, things would be a bit easier…NO!  I feel like I am making that last track up the mountain, along with many challenges that push me to see how bad I truly want it.  The Goddess calls many, but only a few make it, is what my HPS reminded us one day as we sat at the covenstead taking in our lessons.  Doing some shadow-work, I pulled a card with the question of “Do I walk my talk?” and the card I pulled is yes…but honestly I feel like running some days. Looking into the dark recesses of your soul is not a lovely, fun trip.  You do not want the t-shirt, the coffee mug, or the magnet…you just want out!  I have finally admitted to being depressed..No not by my path, but by my work.  So many hours and tied down too long, while I feel like my dreams and my wants pass.  I have to consciously pull myself out of that every day, and learn to look at things a different way.  For one, and this was one of my shadow questions “What do I loose my power to?” And yep, it gave me the 10 of cups…too comfortable.  Maybe even lazy, but it’s this way..there are many distractions placed in our lives like TV or FaceBook.  Sure, we can use these things to the positive, but many cases we get lost and find ourself sitting and just being mind bogged.  I am so guilty of this.  I like things that make me feel good, so I get lost in them as I just ride that feel good wave.  I know this can be a good thing, but it cant always be the main thing.  When I am feeling sorry for myself, and wallowing in my own pity party, I heard the Goddess say to me “Hunny, those fields arent going to tile themselves”. Boy is she right. No one is going to prepare your future for yourself…except you.  The Goddess is always with me, but its the God that works on me.  Like I’ve stated before, when I dedicated myself to the Goddess, the God showed up in full presence.  The God will throw you a sword and say “IF you are my own, you will stand up and fight me”, but some times I am like dang!  When is rest? Not during sleeping, because that is when your work in the astral begins.  Rest is the moments you spend with the Goddess.  Those times that you sit and talk with the Goddess, releasing all the crap inside at her feet…those are rest times.  There’s a lot of work to be done in the Pagan communities, as well as the Wiccan, or Wicce.  When you choose the path of the Priestess, the clean up falls at your feet.  And now, we are loosing many of our elders, much of our past is going as well.

Raymond Buckland passed a few days ago, and I felt that to my core.  I did not know this man personally, only through his books and others.  I still felt that connection to him as being an elder of the Path.  He was the first to bring Gardnerian Wicca to the US.  Even those Witchcraft existed in the US under different names, he brought that path to us and changed many lives.  As connected as I feel to my elders, as well as Nature, I still feel a resistance. In the US, we have been so conditioned to go to work, eat the food they give us, watch the TV for entertainment and then get up and do it again. As a society, we arent being urged to go out and be proactive in doing things, just being a slave to the economy. The importance to getting out in nature, staring at the stars, breathing fresh air or sitting on top of a big mountain is tremendous.  Staying inside doesnt help me much, it actually makes me worse, while being outside helps me greatly.  I am preparing my porch to be more suitable for me to move myself mostly out there.  There are several negative habits that I need to fix..and well I am working on them.  That is why many dont make it this far, looking deep into your soul making those hard changes that need to be made….its so much easier to lie on the couch eating cheese curls. Pulling the brain dead part of me out of stagnation is a job in itself, but my regular job isnt helping. Working for some one that doesn’t understand the value of personal time isn’t easy.  They are not doing it to be mean, just that’s their way, the one they’ve always known. Maybe by my work and my changes, I will help them out as well…who knows.

Those of you who can relate to these feelings of depression, know that you’re not alone. I feel they can be over came and I feel that it just takes us making some changes in our lives.  Do some little things, listen to some beautiful music, look at some beautiful art, see the beauty around you.  You have to get up and you have to go on.  I did have a car accident not too long ago, I was not at fault as I was stopped and rear-ended. But this has made me slow down and ask for help. It has made me a bit more humble and taught me the importance of movement.  So, today I take my sword and I stand up to my God and I fight him. I allow him to teach me the importance of intuitive movement, strategies, the importance of getting off my arse, and the wonderful feeling of accomplishment.  He has taught me so much about my inner strength in the past few months, building me from the inside out….and that is how a Witch is truly made…From the inside out! The initiations are you being birthed by the Mother, but its the father that sets your soul in action. The Mother’s love and the father’s action…priceless!


Sirona Rose

Becoming the Warrior

I was one of the ones that evacuated from the East Coast area.  Luckily, the only thing I have had to deal with is limbs, and our power was turned back on night before last. Irma, Goddess of War and Wisdom, Brought much wisdom to me at this time…and to everyone if they would just pay attention.  Irma was a very strong hurricane, they called her a catastrophic hurricane.  She did major damage to the islands in the Carribean, but eased up as she approached Florida’s coast.  Yes, there was flooding, property damage, etc, but it couldve been worse.  Irma showed us restraint in the midst of extreme power. She showed us that just because we can, doesnt mean we should.  We should know our own strength and harness it in productive ways.  One thing I feel is she brought people together again, while others are trying to divide.  She gave humility when we was at the brink of complete power.  Dont get me wrong, she did do some major destruction, but honestly, it could’ve been a lot worse.

Her message for me was to honor my power, and direct it in ways that will be most beneficial to me. Push that emotionally charged energy in a directed way to reveal what you are wanting…seeking.  We ask questions every day, but many fail to see the answers in front of us.  Sometimes, we get so fired up we cant see beyond our little box.  We must be able to look outside the box and see the entirety of what is happening.  This energy has intensified the water energy I am in now and has revealed to be things that I had thought I dealt with.  The thoughts of the little girl within me were quite painful. I know one issue many of us deal with is Self Worth….not being good enough.  I have looked at my previous relationships, and my present, noticing how I have in fact drew to me where I was in that time.  If I was wounded, I would draw some one wounded to me. The people were, and still are, a mirror of what I am going through.  This is why self inventory is so important in our lives, it allow us to deeply cleanse our Soul.

The thing about healing our deep wounds, and doing the self inventory is so we can live harmoniously abundant lives.  We can stop having these karmic relationships, and focus more on growing in our future.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Well isn’t that exactly what we are doing is we keep doing the same thing over and over, but with different people? Healing the past to make room for the future just makes sense.  On this Spiritual path I am on, one isn’t carried, as that just makes you codependent….instead one is made to stand up on their own two feet and make their life work for them.  Being a Witch, you are connected to Mother Gaia (her energy) and you work with it to bring about the outcomes you want. Being Pagan, we are subject to the Laws of Nature and this is one thing we must understand.

Saying all of that, so whats next? Well, guess you’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

Many Blessings to you on your path, what ever it may be.  I am enclosing the link to a song that has really helped me during this time…hopefully you will find comfort in it as well.

Sirona Rose

The Moments After

Last weekend was my initiation, and I couldnt have asked for more.  I had a seasoned Shaman and a HPS from two other paths there…wow Crone energy!  And I felt it, I felt that knowledge come pouring into me…almost taking my breath away.  It was in between Lughnasadh and the full moon in Leo, with Neptune going retrograde.  I am totally feeling things shift, with Mercury going in retrograde I am really feeling this going inward energy.  It has been an emotional time, as it feels like the veil is being ripped from my eyes, not just one layer at a time.  I feel raw today.  Changes are not always simple, nor easy.  What’s worse is that people that are not in tune with your path do not understand.  I feel like I am getting my balance on a new plane of energy….and I am.

This is an emotional time, it is one of letting the old parts of me die giving way to the new parts.  I see and feel things changing around me, including my relationships with others.  I am even changing physically as well, and attitude!  I will no longer allow others to bust through the boundaries I set.  I am taking on the role of a Priestess of the Great Mother, and that is one path you dont take lightly.  I see these people reading books, then deciding that they too are already a Priestess.  You may be a Priestess in training, but it take many years to truly become.  I have been on my path now for 17 yrs, more really but I am speaking of actively seeking.  You see it takes a while to release all the nonsense society has had you to believe, the lies that some religions like to tell you.  You have to see beyond, do your research, and learn.  Many would not be walking a path they are walking if they only knew the actual truth behind it….but then again maybe they would because not all are strong enough to break down the facade.

Have I thought about throwing in the towel?  YES, and more than once. But you see, the Goddess will still come to you, she will be in your heart and soul.  When you are called by the Goddess, the pull is so great that turning back is really out of the question.  But you do have to understand, that I have been on a Pagan path for many years. I have experienced other paths, dipped my toes in the waters many times, until it was the time when I could dedicate myself to this.  And it is a dedication, as the Goddess works on you night and day.  I havent done some amazing feat to some, but to me I have.  I have listened to my Soul and the Great Goddess.  I have sacrificed and put her first, and the transformation has been remarkable.  I wouldnt suggest this path for all, getting the year and a day sure……but the path of the Priestess is very tiring and is 24/7.

Many come, but few actually make it!


Sirona Rose

Lughnasadh ~ Bounty and Sacrifice

The Wheel has turned again, and we find our self at Lughnasadh.  This is our first harvest season, the God is struck down.  Our Goddess, still pregnant, strikes the God down so his seed can sow and fertilize the Earth.   In essence, this is considered a fertility festival as well.  Many times, at this time, the Goddess really shows me the sacrifices…those things I put let go in order to go forward.  This year, I feel that it is a mixture of both.  I feel the sacrifice, but since it is my initiation weekend, I feel the bounty.  It is a time to begin looking back on things; what is left undone and what needs that extra push before the final harvest?  The sun is getting weaker and daylight shorter, and we have been blessed with a bit of a cool spell the past few days.  I can feel autumn begin to call.  This whole year seems as if it just flew by.  Not like on a roller coaster, although there have been ups and downs. This is like a raging river aching to reach it’s destination.  This river waits no one, and well it just simply cants.  The flow has been fast and swift, pulling you under at times.  There have been some breathers here and there, but mostly it has been relentless.

As I walked on the cool, damp grass this morning on Lughnasadh I can feel the change.  I know my job is to help that wheel turn.  We are coming out of one cycle, and into another.  I looked up at the sky, with the sun brightly peaking through the trees, and I think about the cosmos…As above, So below. We have some very interesting happenings in our heavens this month (August), if you didnt know. We have Lammas, which is today; followed by Uranus going retrograde on the 3rd, the ritual is on the 5th, the full moon in Aquarius is on the 8th, Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th and this whole time we have alignments going on that they call the finger of God.  See, a lot of energy there. And dont forget, we are at the very beginning of a new age, The Age of Aquarius.  So, as you see, as the cycles are changing here, they are changing above.  Change is a’comin for sure.

I do feel that sacrifice energy, but I am also feeling the energy of nourishment (part of the bounty).  Naturally at this time, we are feeling the dark months coming, so we are rushing around preparing for that time.  Our ancestors would be gathering food, storing it, preserving it, etc. But what are you preparing for?  How are you nourishing your body?  When we talk about nurturing our Self, this means nourishment as well…what are you feeding your body?  Are you keeping it in stress? Are you feeding it junk? Or, are you feeding it live, good, clean foods?  Our bodies heal, respond, and feel the way that we nourish them.  If we are staying stressed out eating fast food all the time, this is not a good thing. We must tend to our temple.  We are seeing a world full of sickness, our diet, our nourishment, to our bodies are very important.  But its not just food.  We are also seeing a world that has forgotten it’s past, that is more worried about physical things.  Instead of learning, we are turning a blind eye which will ensure that we will repeat the same mistakes. We care more about band-aiding a problem rather than fixing it.

So I ask you, how are you nourishing your body?  What will you be harvesting at this time?   Are you tending your fields, your Soul?  Sitting back and watching this year, I will tell you there are a lot of people out there not walking their talk.  I am including, as I am human and I do have to learn from the falls.  Those who preach peace and love, are showing themselves to be full or rage and anger.  What does that say?  You’re being called to the carpet, it’s time to take responsibility for your Self.

Happy Lughnasadh, and may you have a blessed harvest, nourishingly bountiful.


Sirona Rose🌙

The Priestess



I am just days away from the ritual, and I am feeling the butterflies.  As I swim through this experience, this is not a comfortable experience.  I literally feel out of control as times as I am going through this initiation.  Things are not feeling the same, and I am really looking at my life doing some self inventory.  I would run from this if I didnt think the Goddess would hunt me down… she has done several times before. She is relentless to her priestesses.  The call will not go away, and will haunt you during your waking and sleeping time.  So here I sit, stressed out from today and crying like a baby.  I literally feel like a weak one.  It was not a good day at all.  Getting woke up early in the morning, having guests that are unhappy on their tour, then seeing a kitten get hit by traffic…yea it just has been a swirl of craziness.

This degree really gets you in touch with yourself, deeply.  It is a birth..rebirth.  Witches are born from the inside out, their High Priestess is their midwife.  A massive transitioning is happening.  Plus this energy of the Age of Aquarius with all this energy…and solar eclipse coming!!  Wow every thing in Gaia is shifting, transforming…rebirthing its self.  I have been working myself to death, dodging the energy that is surrounding me.  I am just blowing through it will no care…well now it is truly making itself known.  I can not longer hide from those issues/challenges I just close my eyes too.  I am not be observant of what is truly going on around me.  I am refusing to give myself a moment of silence to deal with this…this change.  As I look deep in to my own eyes, I am made to see my Soul and well its not happy about some things.  I work constantly at keeping others happy and it has become my pain.  My writing muse has been dormant, and with drawn.  She used to sit beside me whispering delicious words of intrigue…now she is alone in her corner.  I long to put pen to paper (so to speak) and compose a wonderful story to inform, delight, connect, help, inspire, heal some one out there.  Now there isnt even an echo.  But now, as the emotions rush in, my fingers can not move fast enough. There’s so much to say and not enough words to say them. The bottom of the pond is being dragged.  The long lost things that were hidden under the carpet are making themselves known. I feel like I am being turned up side down and inside out. My priorities are changing and I am seeing how fragile life is…and how short. Being so stressed that I cant think straight, being unprepared for important things because I am going so fast in the work lane.  WOW for what really?  It’s just too much, it’s so much as fast and trying to do this that and the other.  Plus with everything else…like a hurricane.  I have to breathe, I have to live, and I have to BE.

I know that I will walk the path I am supposed to walk and I will be a vessel for the Goddess to be expressed in beneficial ways.  The work is just tough some times.  Uranus will be going retro in August as well as Mercury going into retro on August 12th..and the eclipse on the 21st!  A lot happening in the stars as well.  I am already feeling this Uranus retrograde, I feel the hidden being made known.  I am spinning too fast, I need to slow down a bit and feel this and heal it so it can move on.  As a Priestess of the Goddess there is a lot of responsibility that comes with that and the preparation is not easy…and I have only just begun.  I keep saying I cant see what’s coming, but I bet if I slowed down and took a breath I would see and hear it.  What is real and what is the illusion??  It is now making itself known..with great clarity.

So one more step closer to the date. I know things are okay, but I have to ground.  I am excited by this and I am ready to move on into my role.  Just have to remember to BE..and most importantly to breathe…


Sirona Rose

The Mirth of the Goddess

The Mirth of the Goddess

We’ve always heard that the mirth of the Goddess is vast many who walked the path only wish to see the loving, all inclusive Mother, the lover the sexual power is that she is. But even the mother has another side. We like to see the submissive type goddess because she is easier to understand.  She is the one we run to when we’ve had a hard day, the one home we wish to run to when all of the world seems bad. And yes she can be that, but there’s also another side of our Great Goddess that we must acknowledge. Artemis for example is the goddess of the hunt she’s related to Diana which is also the moon goddess goddess of the hunt. To only acknowledge one aspect is a great dishonor to the goddess as we must remember the womb and the tomb are one and the same. The first thing that we are taught when we are taught to heal is that in order to heal we must first know how to kill. Now many will take that to an extreme that one not needs to take things, and that is why this path isn’t for all. The teachings of the Goddess are very, very deep and not for the mere simple mind.

Let’s consider the Faerie Goddess Aine. Aine, daughter of the sea good Manannan, was known throughout Ireland as a healing Goddess offering herbal remedies but that was not all she was capable of.  Aine had many lovers that would be consumed by her passion. She had a stone called the Cathair, all that would sit upon it would lose their minds….after the third time, they would be completely lost.  She, although sexual and healing, had a vengeful side and did not easily forgive.  This is something the King of Munster, Oilill Olum, found out first hand when he raped her. As he raped her, she bit one of his ears off which made him incompetent to serve as king (as she knew).  As this beautiful diety was known for her healing, love, and sexuality; she had another side of her that many others aren’t ready to comprehend.  

When many take to this spiritual path, they only want to see the rainbows and lollipops, failing to see the polarity.  when we do not accept all aspects, we limit and cripple ourselves.  When you choose a path, you take on the energy of that path…in all of its essence.  

To become the Priestess of the Goddess, is not a thinkless thing to do, as much responsibility comes with it….that some can’t emotionally comprehend. Priestess are her vessels.  She will love and protect, as well as challenge. The Goddess knows her children, she will call to them but only few will hear her.  Those that do will be blessed beyond compare….

The Goddess’s Mirth is very vast.  

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